Short Title People Involved Related Fields
The Political Consequences of Contemporary Immigration  (2016) Maureen Eger Comparative Politics, Comparative Sociology, East European, Immigration, Political Sociology, West European
Contention, Consensus, and Memories of Communism (2016) Sara Tomczuk Comparative Historical Sociology, Comparative Sociology, Culture, East European, Political Sociology, Qualitative Methods
Immigrant Presence, Group Boundaries, and Support for the Welfare State in Western European Societies (2016) Maureen Eger Comparative Sociology, Immigration, Institutions, Political Sociology, Race and Ethnicity, Social Class, Social Welfare, West European
Immigration or Welfare? The Progressive’s Dilemma Revisited (2016) Maureen Eger Comparative Sociology, Immigration, Political Sociology, Public Opinion, Race and Ethnicity, Social Welfare
Family Life in Context: Men and Women’s Perceptions of Fairness and Satisfaction Across Thirty Countries  (2016) Maureen Eger Comparative Sociology, Family, Fatherhood, Institutions, Marriage/Unions, Motherhood
Saving Children, Controlling Families: Punishment, Redistribution and Child Protection (2016) Frank Edwards Children, Youth, and Families, Deviance and Social Control, Political Sociology, Social Welfare
“The End of an Era? Understanding the Contradictions of Criminal Justice Reform.” (2016) Katherine Beckett, Emily Knaphus, Anna Reosti Criminal Law and Punishment, Incarceration, Law and Society
Do Local Anti-Immigrant Ordinances Increase Gun Sales? (2015) René Flores Immigration, Public Policy, Quantitative Methods
The Resurgence of Race in Spain (2015) René Flores Immigration, Public Opinion, Race and Ethnicity, Religion, West European
Tenant Screening in an Era of Mass Incarceration (2015) Anna Reosti Criminal Law and Punishment, Incarceration, Law and Society
Neo-nationalism in Western Europe  (2015) Maureen Eger Comparative Politics, Comparative Sociology, Immigration, Nationalism, Political Sociology, Social Welfare, West European
Challenges of Sexual and Gender Minorities in the Workplace: Multivariate Analyses of Income and Willingness to Continue Working (2015) Daiki Hiramori East Asian Societies, Gender, Quantitative Methods, Sexuality, Social Stratification/Inequality
The Changing Relationship between Housing and Inequality. (2015) Brad Foster Finance and Credit, Poverty, Social Mobility
Spatiotemporal Detection of Unusual Human Population Behavior Using Mobile Phone Data (2015) Nathalie Williams Population, Technology, Research Methods
Microsimulation in Demographic Research (2015) Emilio Zagheni Demography, Research Methods
Fifty Great Myths about Human Sexuality (2015) Pepper Schwartz Sexuality, Marriage/Unions, Culture
Demographic Research with Non-Representative Internet Data (2015) Emilio Zagheni Demography, Research Methods
Alexes Harris Ethnography, Law and Society
Latent surface models for networks using Aggre- gated Relational Data (2015) Tyler McCormick Social Networks, Quantitative Methods, Statistics
Predicting power failures with Reactive Point Processes (2015) Tyler McCormick Statistics
Racial inequalities in con- nectedness to imprisoned individuals in the United States (2015) Hedwig (Hedy) Lee, Tyler McCormick Race and Ethnicity, Incarceration, Social Stratification/Inequality
Estimating Population Size Using the Network Scale Up Method (2015) Adrian Raftery, Tyler McCormick Population, Research Methods
Coming Unmoored: Disproportionate Increases in Obesity Prevalence Among Young, Disadvantaged White Women (2015) Hedwig (Hedy) Lee Health, Health Disparities, Social Stratification/Inequality
Goffman, Alice. On The Run: Fugitive Life in an American City (2015) Alexes Harris Law and Society, Deviance and Social Control, Criminology
Crimmigration at the Local Level (2015) Katherine Beckett, Heather D. Evans Criminology, Law and Society