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GPT Deciphering Fedspeak: Quantifying Dissent Among Hawks and Doves. EMNLP Findings. Fall 2023.  Publications, Articles Big Data, Data Visualization, Economic Sociology, Finance and Credit, Institutions, Political Economy, Quantitative Methods, Research Methods, Statistics
Respondent-Driven Sampling: An Overview in the Context of Human Trafficking. CHANCE, American Statistical Association. Fall 2023. Publications, Articles Field Research Methods, Health, Human Rights, Public Health, Quantitative Methods, Social Networks, Victimization, Violence and Trauma
Allen CK, Assaf S, Namaste S, Benedict RK (2023) Estimates and trends of zero vegetable or fruit consumption among children aged 6–23 months in 64 countries. PLOS Glob Public Health 3(6): e0001662. Publications, Articles Public Health
Louie, Patricia, Terrence D. Hill, and Laura Upenieks. Do Early Life Stressors Moderate the Impact of Cumulative Pandemic Stress on Anger? Advances in Life Course Research. Publications, Articles Health, Medical Sociology, Mental Health, Population Health
Louie, Patricia, Terrence D. Hill, and Laura Upenieks. Do Early Life Stressors Moderate the Impact of Cumulative Pandemic Stress on Anger? Advances in Life Course Research Publications, Articles Health, Medical Sociology, Mental Health, Population Health
Rocha Beardall, Theresa. 2023. “Abolition as Praxis and Virtual Community Based Learning.” Teaching Sociology,51(1):79-91. Publications, Articles Collective Action, Criminal Law and Punishment, Criminology, Justice, Social Movements
Louie, Patricia and Reed T. DeAngelis. 2023.“Fear of a Black Neighborhood: Anti-Black Racism and the Health of White Americans.” Social Forces Publications, Articles Health, Health Disparities, Mental Health, Population Health, Race and Ethnicity, Social Psychology
Louie, Patricia, Cary Wu, Faraz V. Shahidi, and Arjumand Siddiqi. 2023 “Inflation Hardship,Gender, and Mental Health.” SSM Population Health. Publications, Articles Gender, Health, Health Disparities, Mental Health, Population Health
Lacomba, C. (2023). Hispanic Map of the United States 2022. Estudios del Observatorio / Observatorio Studies, 84, pp. 1–116. Publications, Articles Demography, Education, Ethnic Identity, Gender, Health Disparities, Immigration, Language, Migration, Political Sociology, Public Policy
Katherine Beckett. 2023. “Diversion and/as Decarceration.” Law and Contemporary Problems 86: 103-124. Publications, Articles Community, Criminal Law and Punishment, Deviance and Social Control, Homelessness, Incarceration, Justice, Poverty, Public Scholarship
Louie, Patricia, Laura Upenieks, and Terrence D. Hill. 2023. “Cumulative Pandemic Stressors, Psychosocial Resources, and Psychological Distress: Toward a More Comprehensive Test of a Pandemic Stress Process.” Society and Mental Health. Publications, Articles Health, Health Disparities, Mental Health, Population Health
Lee, Hannah, Kyle Crowder, and Elizabeth Korver-Glenn. 2023. “Racialized Real Estate Agency in U.S. Housing Markets: A Research Note.” Urban Affairs Review 0(0). Publications, Articles Neighborhoods, Race and Ethnicity, Residential Segregation, Urban Studies
Spring, Amy, Elizabeth Ackert, Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz, and Kyle Crowder. 2023. “Keeping Kin Close? Geographies of Family Networks by Race and Income, 1981-2017" Journal of Marriage and Family Publications, Articles Community, Demography, Family, Migration, Neighborhoods, Poverty, Residential Mobility and Migration, Residential Segregation
Dunivin, Zackary Okun, Harry Yan, Jelani Ince, Fabio Rojas. 2022. "Black Lives Matter protests shift public discourse." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 119.10. Publications, Articles Computational Methods, Quantitative Methods, Race and Ethnicity, Social Movements
Ince, Jelani. 2022. "“Saved” by Interaction, Living by Race: The Diversity Demeanor in an Organizational Space." Social Psychology Quarterly. 85.3: 259-278.   Publications, Articles Ethnography, Race and Ethnicity, Religion
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Hess, Chris, Rebecca J. Walter, Ian Kennedy, Arthur Acolin, Alex Ramiller, and Kyle Crowder. 2022. "Segmented information, segregated outcomes: Housing affordability and neighborhood representation on a voucher-focused online housing platform and three mainstream alternatives." Housing Policy Debate 1-25. Publications, Articles Big Data, Neighborhoods, Residential Mobility and Migration, Residential Segregation, Urban Studies
Jalloh, Mohamed F., Zangin Zeebari, Sophia A. Nur, Dimitri Prybylski, Aasli A. Nur, Avi J. Hakim, Maike Winters, Laura C. Steinhardt, Wangeci Gatei, Saad B. Omer, Noel T. Brewer, and Helena Nordenstedt. 2022. “Drivers of COVID-19 Policy Stringency in 175 Countries and Territories: COVID-19 Cases and Deaths, Gross Domestic Products per Capita, and Health Expenditures.” Journal of Global Health 12:05049. doi: 10.7189/jogh.12.05049. Publications, Articles Public Health
Collins, D. (2022). Bushwhacking: accounts as symbolic violence in the arts-based gentrification of Bushwick, Brooklyn. American Journal of Cultural Sociology. Publications, Articles Culture, Neighborhoods, Urban Studies
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Rocha Beardall, Theresa. 2022. “Settler Simultaneity and Anti-Indigenous Racism at Land-Grant Universities.”Sociology of Race and Ethnicity. 8(1):197-212. Publications, Articles Education, Ethnic Identity, Historical Sociology, Indigenous Cultures/Peoples, Law and Society, Organizations, Race and Ethnicity
Louie, Patricia and Laura Upenieks. 2022. “Vicarious Discrimination, Psychosocial Resources, and Health.” Social Psychology Quarterly. Publications, Articles Health, Race and Ethnicity