Career Planning

Have you ever been asked, “What are you going to do with a sociology major?” Sociology majors tend to have diverse interests, and sociology is a flexible major where you can follow your own curiosity and choose a path where you can thrive and grow. Graduates of the major find that studying sociology prepares them for a wide range of careers in education, technology, advertising and PR, environmental advocacy, occupational therapy, data sciences, and more.

Career and Internship Center

Career Launch Workshop 

Sociology Student Services office is excited to be able to offer our majors access to an exclusive workshop! Career Launch is only available to students in a few departments in the College of Arts & Sciences so don’t miss your chance to participate in this great new program! Led by College staff and Departmental Advisors, this 90-minute workshop is designed specifically for recently declared A&S majors. We will outline career paths you can follow, and help you determine additional steps and strategies you may want to take in order to pursue a fulfilling career with your A&S degree.

From learning about internships and building your resume, to networking techniques and exploring the scope of your major, this workshop is a great opportunity for you to get your feet wet and start crafting a career path with your Sociology major. 

A Great Place To Start

  • C21 Career Launch: Arts and sciences workshop on identifying your goals

Next Steps

  • Cover Letters: 30 minute workshop on writing an engaging cover letter
  • Internships: 30 minute presentation on finding internships
  • Interviewing: 30 minute workshop on preparing for an interview
  • Resumes: 30 minute workshop on formatting and writing your best resume


Craft Your Career Plan and Professional Identity

  • C21 Amazon Mentors Program: a quarter-long partnership with Amazon mentors for insight about career building and networking opportunities
  • Kick start your LinkedIn Profile: 30-60 minute workshop on LinkedIn Strategies in MGH 134
  • ResumeFest!: 20 minute professional review of your resume by Career Center experts
  • Take the 2-credit course on Career Strategy and Job Search (GEN ST 391) offered winter and spring quarter to spend an entire quarter getting ready to join the workforce

Getting the Job

  • Career Fair Success: 30 minute workshop on finding success at a career fair
  • Explore careers in a variety of fields including consulting, environment, government, healthcare, research, and technology
  • Interviewing: Presentations on how to best prepare for your interview

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