From the Chair

Dear Friends,

As Fall quarter comes to a close, students and faculty are exhaling and looking forward to a new year. Savery Hall has been busy and full of people teaching and attending courses, conducting research, giving talks, and publishing articles, papers, and books.  

 New People, Reinvigorated Curriculum  

We welcomed Sasha Shen Johfre and Rosalind Kichler to our faculty. Sasha's research and teaching focuses on the social construction of social knowledge, including the ways that ideas of human difference (e.g. based on gender, race, or age) are made to be seen as real and essential. Rosalind teaches a range of courses, including Social Problems, Women in the Social Structure, and exciting new offerings on Sexuality and Identity, and Trans Studies. New people always bring innovative ideas, a reinvigorated curriculum and give students the opportunity to hear a fresh perspective on relevant topics and research opportunities. 

Continuing Innovative Research and Partnerships  

Current faculty and grad students continue to develop innovative courses and apply real world activities and projects to our curriculum including:  

Sociology in Practice: Applied Community Research Practicum a course that immerses students in real-world projects with local community organizations, schools, federal agencies, and businesses. The format combines a seminar with field work outside of the classroom. Students conduct data analysis, author reports and present work based on findings and current research. Projects address real issues, and their outcomes have a direct impact on the organizations and the communities they serve.  

Sara Curran, Jerald Herting, Nathalie Williams, and Zack Almquist are leading an team of sociologists and graduate and undergraduate students in an interdisciplinary study called the Sound Data pilot. This innovative research employs new scientific methodology to provide data that policymakers and community leaders can use to make good policy decisions about homelessness and other challenges facing the Puget Sound region. 

Looking Forward  

Interesting things are happening in Sociology every day and there is much on the horizon to look forward to in 2024.

This winter, we will be hosting leading scholars and visiting speakers, and several special events, so keep checking our events calendar.  We have also been actively recruiting for three faculty positions. So, stay connected and, if you are on social media, follow us on Instagram or LinkedIn.

Warm wishes to you in the new year!

 Kyle Crowder, Chair 


P.S. Your support makes much of what we do possible! Friends of Sociology Fund is an incredibly valuable resource for our department, providing unrestricted support where it is needed most. We hope that you will include us in your end-of-year giving plans.