Affiliated Centers

Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (CSDE)

CSDE is an NIH funded center dedicated to the scientific study of population.  UW's population center develops new demographic measures and methods, advances knowledge about population dynamics, generates new data and evidence to support population science, and trains the next generation of demographers.

eScience Institute

Rapid advances in technology are transforming nearly every field from “data-poor” to “data-rich.” The ability to extract knowledge from this abundance of data is the cornerstone of 21st century discovery. At the University of Washington eScience Institute, our mission is to engage researchers across disciplines in developing and applying advanced computational methods and tools to real-world problems in data-intensive discovery.

Center for Statistics in the Social Sciences (CSSS)

CSSS's mission is to develop and disseminate innovative statistical methodology for the Social Sciences.  CSSS offers a wide range of graduate courses in advanced statistical methods appropriate for social scientific research.

Comparative Law and Social Studies (CLASS)

The Comparative Law & Society Studies (CLASS) Center emphasizes the instrumental and dynamic role of law in shaping our contemporary and globalized world. The CLASS Center is rooted in the premise that new conceptual frameworks are necessary to analyze the growing, changing presence of law in modern life.

West Coast Poverty Center

The West Coast Poverty Center works to bridge gaps between anti-poverty research, practice and policy by connecting scholars, policymakers and practitioners; facilitating important social policy research; magnifying the reach of new knowledge; and fostering the next generation of anti-poverty scholars. 


Urban@UW extends the understanding of cities—from people, buildings, infrastructure, and energy to economics, policy, culture, art, and nature—beyond individual topics to dynamically interdependent systems, so that we can holistically design and steward vibrant and welcoming cities in which future generations will thrive.

Center for Evaluation and Research for STEM Equity (CERSE)

CERSE focuses on conducting high quality program evaluation and research to improve equity and broaden representation in STEM fields, with a focus on higher education.   We help meet the challenges of the emerging workforce: recruitment, retention, and advancement of women and underrepresented minorities.

The Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies

Supporting research, teaching, and community outreach, The Center focuses on labor's contribution to society. The Center promotes the study of labor in all of its facets - locally, nationally, and worldwide. Our mission is to develop labor studies, broadly conceived to include working men and women everywhere, as a central concern in higher education.

Center for Social Science Computation and Research (CSSCR)

CSSCR is a computer resource center providing facilities and support for social science departments at the University of Washington