Graduation Celebration

The 2020 Sociology Department Graduation Celebration will take place in Meany Hall on the UW Campus on Wednesday evening, June 10, 2020.

Registration for this year's Graduation Celebration will be open April 17 - May 24.

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Graduating in 2020?  Questions? Check the Graduation FAQ


Undergraduate Students:

In order to receive an undergraduate degree, students need to complete a graduation application with an advisor. To guarantee that you graduate on time, you should apply for graduation 2-3 quarters before you plan to graduate. Applying to graduate early in advance will give you Priority Status (GSP) for registration, allowing you to register for classes early for your final two quarters. Make an appointment in the Sociology Advising Office (SAV 203) and fill out an application for graduation with an advisor after the first week of the quarter.

Graduate Students:

To participate in Graduation, contact Maura Nakamichi in the Advising Office.  The Graduate Program Assistant Liz Collier will be providing Maura with a list of students who have already graduated, or are planning to graduate by the end of the Summer quarter.  If Liz is not aware that you are planning on graduating, you need to notify her as well.


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