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U.S. Sociology Graduate Program Ratings, 1964 - 2015
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DAAD Doten-Snitker, Kerice. 2017. "Collateral Damage? State-building, Christian Elite Factionalism, and their Effects on Jewish Communities in the Medieval and Early Modern Holy Roman Empire." Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Short-Term Study Grant. $4,300 Historical Sociology, Jewish Studies, Political Sociology, Public Policy, Race and Ethnicity, Religion, West European
NIJ logo Rational Choice, Deterrence, and Identity: Modeling Life Course Transitions and Desistance.  Ross Matsueda, PI, Elena Erosheva, co-PI. Funded by the National Institute of Justice 2014-R2-CX-0018. Project Period: January 1, 2014-December. 31, 2016. Amount awarded: $507,942. Criminology, Deviance and Social Control, Life Course, Perception and Cognition, Qualitative Methods, Statistics

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U.S. Sociology Graduate Program Ratings, 1964 - 2015 The Influence of the "Lake Woebegon Effect" on U.S. Sociology Graduate Program Ratings Social Stratification/Inequality


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Text unknown Divorce Probabilities for First Marriages in the United States by Duration of Marriage, 1973 - 2013 Marriage/Unions
Second Marriages are More Likely than First Marrirages to End in Divorce Divorce Probabilities of First and Second Marriages by Duration of Marriage, for Women in the 1979 National Longitudinal Survey of Youth   Family, Marriage/Unions
Arnold Foundation Logo Multi-State Study of Monetary Sanctions.  2015-2020.  Grant Funded by the Arnold Foundation.  Alexes Harris, PI.  $3,921,740. Criminal Law and Punishment, Criminology, Justice, Poverty, Race and Ethnicity, Social Class
NICHD logo STATISTICAL METHODS FOR POPULATION PROJECTIONS.  Competing Renewal (2017-2022) funded by NICHD.  Adrian Raftery, PI.   Demography, Population, Statistics
NICHD logo DEMOGRAPHIC VULNERABILITY, NEIGHBORHOOD POLLUTION, AND RACIAL HEALTH DISPARITIES.  2014-2018.  NICHD Funded Grant.  Kyle Crowder, PI. Demography, Environment, Health, Health Disparities, Neighborhoods, Race and Ethnicity, Residential Segregation
NIAID logo SEATTLE HIV/AIDS MODELING FOR PREVENTION.  2016-2018.  Grant Funded by NIAID to Martina Morris, PI.   Health, Public Health, Statistics
NICHD logo ESTIMATING VITAL RATES IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD: A BAYESIAN PROCESS MODELING APPROACH.  2015-2020.  K01 Award from NICHD to Tyler McCormick.   Data Driven Discovery, Demography, Morbidity/Mortality, Population Health, Statistics
NSF logo Echo Chambers in Science? The Impact of Academic Recommender Systems on the Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge.  2017 - 2019.  Grant Funded by NSF's Science of Science Policy Program (Award #1735194).  Katherine Stovel, PI.  $296,687. Big Data, Computational Methods, Data Driven Discovery, Social Stratification/Inequality
NSF logo Compact Bayesian Models of Massive Social Graphs.  2016 - 2018.  Grant funded by NSF's Statistics and Methods, Mesaurement, and Statistics Programs (Award #1559778).  Tyler McCormick, PI.   Big Data, Data Driven Discovery, Social Networks, Statistics
NSF logo ATD: Geospatial Graphical Models of Human Response to Emergencies.  2017 - 2020.  Grant funded by the Algorithms for Threat Detection Program, NSF (Award #1737746).  Adrian Dobra and Nathalie Williams, Co-PIs.   Data Driven Discovery, Environment, Natural Disasters, Statistics
NSF logo Collective Efficacy and Norm Violation: An Experimental Test.  2016-2018.  Grant Funded by the Sociology and Law and Social Sciences Programs, NSF (Award #  1625273).  Ross Matsueda, PI.  $231,491. Criminology, Deviance and Social Control, Field Research Methods, Neighborhoods, Theory
NSF logo  The End of Mass Incarceration? Exploring the Contradictions of Criminal Justice Reform.  2015-2018.  Funded by NSF Law and Social Sciences Program (Award#1456180).  Katherine Beckett, PI.  $229,940. Criminal Law and Punishment, Incarceration