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DAAD Doten-Snitker, Kerice. 2017. "Collateral Damage? State-building, Christian Elite Factionalism, and their Effects on Jewish Communities in the Medieval and Early Modern Holy Roman Empire." Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Short-Term Study Grant. $4,300 Historical Sociology, Jewish Studies, Political Sociology, Public Policy, Race and Ethnicity, Religion, West European
NIJ logo Rational Choice, Deterrence, and Identity: Modeling Life Course Transitions and Desistance.  Ross Matsueda, PI, Elena Erosheva, co-PI. Funded by the National Institute of Justice 2014-R2-CX-0018. Project Period: January 1, 2014-December. 31, 2016. Amount awarded: $507,942. Criminology, Deviance and Social Control, Life Course, Perception and Cognition, Qualitative Methods, Statistics


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Text unknown Divorce Probabilities for First Marriages in the United States by Duration of Marriage, 1973 - 2013 Marriage/Unions
Arnold Foundation Logo Multi-State Study of Monetary Sanctions.  2015-2020.  Grant Funded by the Arnold Foundation.  Alexes Harris, PI.  $3,921,740. Criminal Law and Punishment, Criminology, Justice, Poverty, Race and Ethnicity, Social Class
NICHD logo STATISTICAL METHODS FOR POPULATION PROJECTIONS.  Competing Renewal (2017-2022) funded by NICHD.  Adrian Raftery, PI.   Demography, Population, Statistics
NICHD logo DEMOGRAPHIC VULNERABILITY, NEIGHBORHOOD POLLUTION, AND RACIAL HEALTH DISPARITIES.  2014-2018.  NICHD Funded Grant.  Kyle Crowder, PI. Demography, Environment, Health, Health Disparities, Neighborhoods, Race and Ethnicity, Residential Segregation
NIAID logo SEATTLE HIV/AIDS MODELING FOR PREVENTION.  2016-2018.  Grant Funded by NIAID to Martina Morris, PI.   Health, Public Health, Statistics
NICHD logo ESTIMATING VITAL RATES IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD: A BAYESIAN PROCESS MODELING APPROACH.  2015-2020.  K01 Award from NICHD to Tyler McCormick.   Data Driven Discovery, Demography, Morbidity/Mortality, Population Health, Statistics
NSF logo Echo Chambers in Science? The Impact of Academic Recommender Systems on the Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge.  2017 - 2019.  Grant Funded by NSF's Science of Science Policy Program (Award #1735194).  Katherine Stovel, PI.  $296,687. Big Data, Computational Methods, Data Driven Discovery, Social Stratification/Inequality
NSF logo Compact Bayesian Models of Massive Social Graphs.  2016 - 2018.  Grant funded by NSF's Statistics and Methods, Mesaurement, and Statistics Programs (Award #1559778).  Tyler McCormick, PI.   Big Data, Data Driven Discovery, Social Networks, Statistics
NSF logo ATD: Geospatial Graphical Models of Human Response to Emergencies.  2017 - 2020.  Grant funded by the Algorithms for Threat Detection Program, NSF (Award #1737746).  Adrian Dobra and Nathalie Williams, Co-PIs.   Data Driven Discovery, Environment, Natural Disasters, Statistics
NSF logo Collective Efficacy and Norm Violation: An Experimental Test.  2016-2018.  Grant Funded by the Sociology and Law and Social Sciences Programs, NSF (Award #  1625273).  Ross Matsueda, PI.  $231,491. Criminology, Deviance and Social Control, Field Research Methods, Neighborhoods, Theory
NSF logo  The End of Mass Incarceration? Exploring the Contradictions of Criminal Justice Reform.  2015-2018.  Funded by NSF Law and Social Sciences Program (Award#1456180).  Katherine Beckett, PI.  $229,940. Criminal Law and Punishment, Incarceration