Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Estimating Population Size Using the Network Scale Up Method (2015) Adrian Raftery, Tyler McCormick Population, Research Methods
Identity Construction and the Causes of Genocidal Mass Murder (2015) Daniel Chirot Conflict, Murder, Nationalism, Violence and Trauma
Let’s Talk about Sex, Maybe: Interviewers, Respondents, Sexual Behavior Reporting and Social Life in Rural South Africa (2015) Sam Clark Sexuality, Africa, Media Studies
Crimmigration at the Local Level (2015) Katherine Beckett, Heather D. Evans Criminology, Law and Society
The impact of maternal mortality on children'ʹs risk of dying in rural South Africa: evidence from a population-­‐‑based surveillance study (1992 -­‐‑ 2013) (2015) Sam Clark Motherhood, Africa, Health Disparities, Morbidity/Mortality
Managing the Neoliberal City: ‘Quality of Life Policing’ in the 21st Century (2015) Katherine Beckett Urban Studies, Deviance and Social Control
Response to Dermot Maher article 'ʹThe ethics of feedback of HIV test results in population-­‐‑based surveys of HIV infection (2015) Sam Clark Population, Population Health, Health Disparities
Cardiometabolic disease risk and HIV status in rural South Africa: establishing a baseline (2015) Sam Clark Africa, Health, Health Disparities, Public Health
Bayesian Reconstruction of Two-­‐‑Sex Populations by Age: Estimating Sex Ratios at Birth and Sex Ratios of Mortality (2015) Adrian Raftery, Sam Clark Morbidity/Mortality, Gender, Health
Long-term effects of Staying Connected with Your Teen® on drug use frequency at age 20 (2015) Robert Crutchfield, Richard F. Catalano Children, Youth, and Families, Deviance and Social Control
The Shape of the New: Four Big Ideas That Made the Modern World. (2015) Daniel Chirot Theory, Sociology of Knowledge
Migration of Professionals to the US. Evidence from LinkedIn Data. (2014) Emilio Zagheni Migration, Work and Occupations, Technology, Research Methods
Bayesian Model Averaging and Endogeneity Under Model Uncertainty: An Application to Development Determinants (2014) Adrian Raftery Research Methods, Population
The East-West Gradient in Spatial Population Deve- lopment within Germany. (2014) Emilio Zagheni West European, Population
Regional Probabilistic Fertility Forecasting by Modeling Between-Country Correlations (2014) Adrian Raftery Research Methods, Population, Demography
The Phenomenology of Arrest: A Case Study in the Poetics of Police-Citizen Encounters (2014) Criminology
The Advantages of Demographic Change after the Wave: Fewer and Older, but Healthier, Greener, and more Productive? (2014) Emilio Zagheni Demography
Joint Probabilistic Projection of Female and Male Life Expectancy. (2014) Adrian Raftery Demography, Research Methods, Morbidity/Mortality
Bayesian Forecasting of Cohort Fertility. (2014) Emilio Zagheni Fertility, Statistics
Bayesian probabilistic population projections using (2014) Adrian Raftery Research Methods, Demography
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Bayesian probabilistic projection of international migration rates (2014) Adrian Raftery Research Methods, Demography
Inferring International and Internal Migration Patterns from Twitter Data (2014) Emilio Zagheni Migration, Media Studies, Technology, Research Methods
Paul Deheuvels: Mentor, Advocate for Statistics, and Applied Statistician (2014) Adrian Raftery Research Methods, Demography, Statistics
Changing Crops in Response to Climate: Virtual Nang Rong, Thailand in an Agent Based Simulation (2014) Nathalie Williams Environment, South Asian