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Fertility Transition: Southeast Asia. (Forthcoming) Charles Hirschman Fertility, Southeast Asian
The History of Fiscal Regimes (Forthcoming) Edgar Kiser, Margaret Levi Political Economy, Political Sociology
The Problem of Solidarity in Insurgent Collective Action: The Nore Mutiny of 1797 (Forthcoming) Steve Pfaff Collective Action, Historical Sociology
Inequalities in Connectedness to Imprisoned Individuals in the United States (Forthcoming) Hedwig (Hedy) Lee, Tyler McCormick Social Stratification/Inequality, Incarceration
Beyond the Hidden American State: Rethinking Government Visibility (Forthcoming) Sarah Quinn Political Sociology, Deviance and Social Control
Estimating Population Size Using the Network Scale Up Method (Forthcoming) Adrian Raftery, Tyler McCormick Population, Statistics
Bayesian Reconstruction of Two-Sex Populations by Age: Estimating Sex Ratios at Birth and Sex Ratios of Mortality (Forthcoming) Adrian Raftery, Sam Clark Morbidity/Mortality, Statistics

In Review

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ʺBayesian Population Reconstruction for Less Developed and Developed Countries (2015) Adrian Raftery, Sam Clark Population

In Revision to Resubmit.

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Temporal Model Life Tables (2015) Sam Clark Demography
The Dynamics of Poverty and Migration in a Rural South African Community, 2001-­‐‑2005 (2015) Sam Clark Poverty, Africa, Migration, Demography
Probabilistic Cause-­‐‑of-­‐‑death Assignment using Verbal Autopsies (2015) Sam Clark Statistics, Morbidity/Mortality
Small Area Estimation of Child Mortality in the Absence of Vital Registration (2015) Sam Clark, Athena Pantazis Statistics, Morbidity/Mortality

In progress

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“From GDP Per Capita to Social Protest and Lobbying: the Many Determinants of Public Policy” (2016) Paul Burstein Public Policy, Social Movements
Rooted or Stuck? The Declining Significance of and Widening Racial Gap in the Realization of Mobility Expectations. (2016) Demography, Migration, Residential Mobility and Migration, Social Change
A Pound of Flesh: Monetary Sanctions as a Permanent Punishment for Poor People (2016) Alexes Harris Poverty, Social Stratification/Inequality
Measuring Collective Efficacy: A Multi-Level Measurement Model for Nested Data (2015) Ross L. Matsueda Research Methods
A Continuum of Legal Debtors: How Criminal Defendants Understand their Fiscal Debt to the Criminal Justice System (2015) Alexes Harris Criminal Law and Punishment, Law and Society, Justice
A Singular Value Decomposition-­‐‑based Factorization and Parsimonious Component Model of Demographic Quantities Correlated by Age Predicting Complete Demographic Age Schedules with Few Parameters. (2015) Sam Clark Demography
New Estimates of CSMF from ALPHA Network Sites (2015) Sam Clark
Probabilistic Projections of Mortality in Countries with Generalized HIV/AIDS Epidemics for Use in Total Population Projection (2015) Sam Clark, Adrian Raftery Population, Population Health, Health Disparities
HIV Risk and Sexual Behavior of Older Adults in Rural South Africa (2015) Sam Clark Africa, Sexuality, Health
INDEPTH Model Life Tables: 2013. (2015) Sam Clark Demography
The Demographic and Health Transition in Low-­‐‑ and Middle-­‐‑Income Countries is at Variance with Classical Transition Theory: Evidence from Longitudinal Surveillance Dat. (2015) Sam Clark Demography, Health
Moving for Opportunities: Changing Patterns of Migration in North America (In progress) Stewart Tolnay, Kyle Crowder Migration, Residential Mobility and Migration
Examining Demographic Trends in Political Opinion on Twitter: The Case of Gun Control (In progress) Hedwig (Hedy) Lee, Tyler McCormick, Nina Cesare Demography, Public Opinion, Media Studies, Research Methods