Short Title People Involved Related Fields
What Unions No Longer Do (2014) Jake Rosenfeld Labor, Work and Occupations, Economic Sociology
Migrant Values and Beliefs: How are They Different and How do They Change? (2014) Nathalie Williams Migration, Race and Ethnicity
Comparing Model Selection and Regularization Approaches to Variable Selection in Model-Based Clustering (2014) Adrian Raftery Research Methods
Fast Bayesian Inference for Gene Regulatory Networks Using ScanBMA. (2014) Adrian Raftery Research Methods, Medical Sociology
Modeling Age-Specific Mortality for Countries with Generalized HIV Epidemics (2014) Sam Clark, Adrian Raftery Morbidity/Mortality, Health, Research Methods
Turbulent Networks: Social Capital, Employer Hiring Preferences and Labor Market Outcomes (2014) Katherine Stovel Work and Occupations, Social Stratification/Inequality
Bayesian Population Projections for the United Nations (2014) Adrian Raftery Research Methods, Population
Migration of Professionals to the US. Evidence from LinkedIn Data. (2014) Emilio Zagheni Migration, Work and Occupations, Technology, Research Methods
Bayesian Model Averaging and Endogeneity Under Model Uncertainty: An Application to Development Determinants (2014) Adrian Raftery Research Methods, Population
Reconsidering Virtuosity: Religious Innovation and Spiritual Privilege (2014) Steve Pfaff Religion, Sociological Theory
The Role of Parenting in Linking Family Socioeconomic Disadvantage to Physical Activity in Adolescence and Young Adulthood (2014) Hedwig (Hedy) Lee Family, Children, Youth, and Families, Health
Deterrence, Rational Choice, and Crime: Sociological Contributions (2014) Ross L. Matsueda, Maria Grigoryeva Criminology, Deviance and Social Control, Theory
Recognizing a Small Amount of Superficial Genetic Differences Across African, European and Asian Americans Helps Understand Social Construction of Race (2014) Hedwig (Hedy) Lee Demography
The Collateral Consequences of Family Member Incarceration: Impacts on Civic Participation and Perceptions of Legitimacy and Fairness (2014) Hedwig (Hedy) Lee Incarceration, Family, Health
Bayesian Updating and Crime (2014) Ross L. Matsueda Criminology, Research Methods
Longitudinal Associations between Poverty and Obesity from the Birth through Adolescence (2014) Hedwig (Hedy) Lee Poverty, Health, Quantitative Methods
Discrimination Based on Criminal Record and Healthcare Utilization Among Men Recently Released from Prison (2014) Hedwig (Hedy) Lee Incarceration, Criminal Law and Punishment, Social Stratification/Inequality
World population stabilization unlikely this century (2014) Adrian Raftery Population
The Cruel Poverty of Monetary Sanctions (2014) Alexes Harris Poverty, Law and Society, Social Stratification/Inequality
Incarceration, Maternal Hardship, and Perinatal Health Behaviors. (2014) Hedwig (Hedy) Lee Incarceration, Health, Motherhood
A Comparison of Skin Tone Discrimination Among African American Men: 1995 and 2003 (2014) Hedwig (Hedy) Lee Race and Ethnicity, Social Stratification/Inequality
The Prevalence of Confirmed Maltreatment among American Children, 2004-2011. (2014) Hedwig (Hedy) Lee Children, Youth, and Families, Health
Immigration to the United States: Trends and Prospects (2014) Charles Hirschman Immigration, Southeast Asian
Clustering South African households based on their asset status using latent variable models (2014) Tyler McCormick, Sam Clark Africa, Statistics
A Heavy Burden? The Health Consequences of Having a Family Member Incarcerated (2014) Hedwig (Hedy) Lee Incarceration, Family, Health