Research Seminars

Weekly and biweekly research seminars provide an opportunity for students and faculty with common interests to present and discuss new research results.  Students and faculty interested in Demography often attend the CSDE Seminars (Fridays at 12:30), while the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences attracts a wide range of participants at their Wednesday seminar (12:30).   Internal to the department, the Deviance and Social Control group has been organizing the DevSem for several decades; this seminar provides opprtunities for students to present works-in -progress, and frequently hosts local and out-of-town faculty visitors who give presentations on their research.  The Sociology of Culture, Organizations, Politics, and Economics Seminar (SCOPES) grew out of the department's old Institutional Analysis group, and welcomes papers on a variety of topics from micro- to macro-sociology.  SCOPES is distinctive in that attendees are encouraged to read the paper in advance, presentations are short, and prepared remarks are delivered by faculty and graduate student disucssants.  DevSem and SCOPES meet on alternating Friday afternoons; snacks and beverages are provided at both of these seminars.