People - A-Z Directory

Name Title Email / Phonesort descending Office Hours
Turner, Aliyah Graduate Student SAV 216D
By appointment
Asercion, Ari Main Office
(206) 685-3197
Savery 203
Nur, Aasli Abdi Graduate Student
Frost, Ann Assistant Teaching Professor
(206) 543-9644
Savery 236
By appointment
Goldberg, Allison Graduate Student
Black, Albert Emeritus Faculty
(206) 685-7284
Savery 254
By Appointment Only
Demeritt, Allison Graduate Student Savery 274J
Mabruk, Aminah Graduate Student
Tseng, Anne Graduate Student Savery 216A
Omar, Audrey Graduate Student Savery 216A
Arar, Rawan Assistant Professor, Adjunct Faculty Smith 254
Beach, Lindsey Graduate Student, Student Services
Haskett, Breon Graduate Student
Brines, Julie Associate Professor
(206) 685-9067
Savery 226
W 1:30-3pm
Burstein, Paul Emeritus Faculty Savery 254
By appointment
Caldeira, Larissa Graduate Student Remote
McCurley, Carl Assistant Professor, Affiliate
Catron, Peter Assistant Professor Savery 232
By appointment
Gilroy, Connor Graduate Student Savery 216B
Hirschman, Charles Emeritus Faculty
(206) 543-5035
Savery 248
!2:00 to 1:30 pm MW
Allen, Courtney Graduate Student
Lanfear, Charles Graduate Student Savery 255
By appointment
Liao, Celine Teaching Assistant
Hughes, Christina Graduate Student By appointment
Schwartz, Pepper Professor
(206) 543-4036
Savery 239
By appointment
Crutchfield, Robert Emeritus Faculty Savery 276
By appointment
Yu, Ching Yan (Crystal) Graduate Student
DeCarsky, Ryan Graduate Student
Veloso, Danielle Graduate Student
Nolan, Daniel Graduate Student Savery 252
Collins, Devin Graduate Student
Carll, Erin Graduate Student 270 Savery Hall
Collier, Liz Student Services
(206) 221-3280
Savery 211
Mookhtiar, Fatema Main Office
(206) 616-9794
Savery 210
8:00am - 4:00pm
Gómez Baeza, Francisca Javiera Graduate Student
Campbell, Fred Emeritus Faculty
Hamilton, Gary Emeritus Faculty
(206) 543-5883
Thomson 427
Wednesday 1:30-3:30 or my appointment. My office is 427 Thomson Hall
Glynn, Patty Technical Support
(206) 616-6270
Savery 236
By appointment
Güler, Selen Graduate Student SAV 216A
Hargens, Lowell Emeritus Faculty Savery 232
Hawthorne, Saige Student Services
SAV 203
Curtis, Hannah Graduate Student
Evans, Heather D. Assistant Teaching Professor, Alumna SAV 273
by appointment
Hechter, Michael Emeritus Faculty
Costner, Herb Emeritus Faculty
Herting, Jerald R. Professor
(206) 616-7778
Savery 246
By appointment
Hiramori, Daiki Graduate Student Savery 216B
By appointment
Lee, Hannah Graduate Student
Igra, Mark Graduate Student
Kahveci, İhsan Graduate Student SAV 216D
Kennedy, Ian Graduate Student SAV 216A
Abdulcadir, Issa Graduate Student Savery 216 D
Howard, Judith A. Emeritus Faculty
(206) 221-7257
276 Savery
Mitchell, Jon Technical Support
Scott, Joseph Emeritus Faculty
(206) 543-2051
Savery 254
T-Th 8:30--9:15 and 3:45-4:30. Also by Special Appointment on T-Th-W.
Yang, Junhe (June) Graduate Student
Beckett, Katherine Professor
(206) 543-4461
Smith M260
by appointment
Martin, Karin D. Assistant Professor, Adjunct Faculty
Kiser, Edgar Emeritus Faculty
Crowder, Kyle Professor
(206) 616-1203
Savery 225
By appointment
Lavely, William Professor
(206) 543-6805
Savery 275
Fridays 11:00-12:00 in Savery 275
Pittman, LaShawnDa Assistant Professor, Adjunct Faculty
(206) 543-4495
B-517 Padelford Hall
Matsueda, Ross L. Emeritus Faculty
(206) 616-2432
Savery 227
Brydolf-Horwitz, Marco Graduate Student
Wright, Maxine Graduate Student
Cadigan, Michele Graduate Student Savery 272
By appointment
Morris, Martina Emeritus Faculty
(206) 685-3402
Padelford B221
by appointment
Toro, Matthew Graduate Student SAV 216B
Vignau Loria, Maria Graduate Student Savery 216C
Tuesdays, 11:00am - 1:00pm
Williams, Nathalie Associate Professor
(206) 616-6270
Savery 235
By appointment
Velotta, Nicholas Graduate Student
Marquez, Neal Graduate Student SAV 250
Mon 2:30pm-4:00pm(SAV 250) Thur 10:30-11:20(Savery 411) or by appointment
O'Neill, Katherine Graduate Student
Opp, Karl-Dieter Visiting Faculty
Louie, Patricia Assistant Professor By appointment
Guest, Avery (Pete) Emeritus Faculty
(206) 543-2051
Savery 254
Tuesday12:30-1:3pm & Th 3-4pm
Pfaff, Steve Professor
(206) 616-9377
Savery 235
T TH 10:20-11:30
Pitchford, Susan Associate Teaching Professor
(206) 685-4223
Savery 221
Mondays after classes (10:20, 2:20), outside the classrooms, and by ap
Raftery, Adrian Professor
(206) 543-4505
Savery 242, Padelford C313
By appointment
Rajouria, Aryaa Graduate Student By appointment
Jabbarli, Ramin Graduate Student Savery 216C
By appointment
Flores, René Assistant Professor
Savery 224
On leave for the 2017-2018 Academic year.
Reskin, Barbara Emeritus Faculty
(206) 543-5885
Savery 232
By appointment
Perez, Randall Student Services
Savery 203
Curran, Sara Professor Raitt 206
Harper, Shannon Graduate Student MWF 9-noon in Savery 123D
Quinn, Sarah Associate Professor Savery 253
On Leave 2019-2020
Anderson, Sophia Main Office Savery 211
Karceski, Steven Graduate Student Savery 255
By Appointment
Stovel, Katherine Chair, Professor
(206) 616-3820
Savery 211
Hansson, Susanna Student Services
(206) 543-5396
Savery 206
Lee, Stephanie Graduate Student
Marques, Thiago Graduate Student By appointment
Smith, Tyler Graduate Student Savery 216B
Friday 11am - 1pm
Tolnay, Stewart Emeritus Faculty
(206) 685-2284
Savery 233
By appointment
McCormick, Tyler Associate Professor
(206) 221-6981
Savery 238
O'Brien, Ulrika Main Office
(206) 543-5882
Savery 211
Serafini, Brian Graduate Student Savery 411
M, W 1:00-2:20pm & by appointment
Sass, Victoria Graduate Student
Atienza, William Graduate Student
Weis, Joseph Emeritus Faculty
(206) 685-2043
Savery 244
Frahm, Walker Graduate Student
Hsiao, Yuan Graduate Student Savery 216C
Harris, Alexes Professor
(206) 685-4763
Savery 241
Thurs 11:00-12:00 but by appt. Appts made at:
Almquist, Zack Assistant Professor
(206) 543-7290
Savery 231
By appointment