Master's Requirements

This is a summary of the requirements during the MA portion of the program. If you started the program before 2014, the requirements will look slightly different. 

Credit Requirements for the Sociology Master's Degree:

First-year Coursework (19 credits):
           Course  Graded Non-Graded           
SOC 504 Social Statistics 3  
SOC 505 Social Statistics 3  
SOC 506 Quantitative Techniques 3  
SOC 508 Logic of Social Inquiry 3  
SOC 510  Sociological Theory 3  
Proseminar (Autumn) SOC 501   1
Proseminar (Winter) SOC 501   1
Proseminar (Spring) SOC 501   1
TA Preparation & Conference GRDSCH 501   1

500-level or approved 400-level courses (18 credits)*

These credits can include required courses: students who receive waivers for required classes must take additional graded credits.

MA Thesis credits/SOC 700 (9 credits)
You need a minimum of 9 credits of SOC 700.  You may take more credits, but additional credits will not count towards the degree.

Total Credits Required for the UW MA degree  36
Additional requirements for the MA Degree:
  • GPA of 3.3
  • Successfully defend thesis
  • Submission of thesis to the Graduate School and department

 * Up to 3 credits of a repeated, same content, Special Topics course (SOC 581 through SOC 590) can apply toward the degree. Multiple Special Topics courses may apply to graduation when course topics/titles are different.

UW Graduate School MA Requirements

You should familiarize yourself with the minimum Graduate School requirements