MA Completion

Finishing your MA degree is a coordinated effort involving you, the Graduate School, the graduate program advisor, and your committee. The information on this page and the links to the Graduate School should answer the majority of your questions. The hard deadline for completing all of these tasks is the last day of the quarter.

The Graduate School

The Graduate school has an extensive graduation page (link below) that you will need examine. Of note on this page is the detailed Graduation Checklist. The Graduate School to-do highlights include:

  • Register for at least two credits in the quarter you plan to graduate
  • Request your degree/apply to graduate in MyGrad
  • Gather and upload the Master’s Supervisory Committee form (link below) in UW ETD. This form serves as the approval of your thesis. 
  • Upload your thesis in UW ETD (link below). 

Preparing to Graduate

Master’s Supervisory Committee form

Thesis/Dissertation Information Page


As you work through the tasks required by the Graduate School, you need to also focus on departmental requirements. Your Sociology to-dos include:

  • Have your Chair confirm with the GPA that you are ready to take the exam.
  • Request a degree audit from the GPA
  • Coordinate a day/time/modality (in-person/remote/hybrid) with your entire committee.
  • Schedule a room (This can be frustrating. The GPA is happy to help with this!)
  • Notify the GPA of day/time/modality
  • Email these documents to the GPA:
    • Thesis
    • Abstract

Master’s Thesis Defense Scheduling Form 

Room reservation

Multiple Degrees/Certifications

If you are pursuing concurrent degrees/certifications (e.g. CSDE certificate) you have additional graduation requirements (link below). Inform the GPA about concurrent degrees and certifications. Note: The CSSS is a concentration, not a certification.

Concurrent Degree Graduation Requirements

Virtual Exams

The Graduate School has detailed information regarding videoconferencing for exams (link below)

General Guidance for Virtual Exams