SOC 600/700/800 Registration

Individually-tailored study and research credit hours provide an opportunity to pursue in-depth study in specialized areas of interest to you, conduct thesis or dissertation research, or prepare for exams. 

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • You will need to work with your faculty supervisor to establish a plan of study (examples are available below).
  • The credit hours should reflect the amount of work you plan to do. The Graduate School recommends 3 hours effort per week per credit hour.
  • SOC 600/700/800 courses are graded CR/NC
  • A full course load during the academic year is 10 credits, during summer 2 credits
  • SOC 600 is typically 3 credits or less.



Complete the SOC 600/700/800 Registration Form before the beginning of the quarter to avoid late fees. This requires developing a brief plan of study to include:

  1. course description
  2. meeting schedule
  3. learning goals/purpose of course
  4. expected outcomes/product,
  5. course structure and learning resources to be used
  6. method of evaluation

Sample Plans of Study