Concurrent Degrees or Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificates and concurrent degrees are regulated by the Graduate School.  There are strict rules about counting courses toward multiple degrees and certificates and there is very little overlap of credits allowed. Since concurrent certificates and degree require coordination between programs and the Graduate School, it’s important to inform the GPA about your plans.

Graduate Certificates

CSDE, CLASS, GWSS are popular certificates for sociology students. This page will answer many of your questions:

Graduate School Memo 43: Graduate Certificates

Note: A change in July 2022 removed restrictions around counting credits towards both a graduate certificate and a graduate degree. 

Concurrent Degrees:

Sociology does not have any official concurrent degree programs, so dual degrees would be informal. This page will answer many of your questions:

Graduate School Memo 35: Concurrent Degree Programs.

Rules governing dual degrees depend on the degree. Sociology students would most likely pursue a non-sociology master’s degree.  In this case:

  • Only 12 Credits can overlap between degrees
  • Both programs must approve overlaps.


When you are ready to graduate, you will need to submit a manual degree audit to the graduate school.

Audit requirements:

Concurrent degree/certificate graduation requirements