MA Degree Request and Defense Scheduling

Requesting the MA Degree

  • During the quarter in which the student expects to receive their MA degree:

    • Student must be registered for at least 2 credits.
    • Student first requests their degree audit from the Graduate Program Advisor.
    • Student completes and submits the Masters Thesis Defense Scheduling Form at least 2 weeks prior to defending so that there is time for the defense paperwork to be produced.  (Fillable PDF form if opened in Acrobat.)  (See next section on page for full details.)
    • Additionally, student also completes an on-line application at the Graduate School's Master's Degree Request page.
    • Note:

Using Videoconferencing or Working With Committee Members Away From Campus:

  • If you or a member of your committee needs to remote in for your defense and will be away from Seattle during your final administrative steps, special arrangements will need to be made as original signatures are required on paperwork.
  • Contact the Graduate Program Advisor, to make arrangements as needed.

Scheduling the MA Defense and Producing
the Warrant, and Other Committee Paperwork

  • Request a Degree Audit:  To demonstrate that minimum departmental requirements have been met, request your current degree audit by emailing the Graduate Program Advisor.  This process usually takes at least a few business days, unless your audit was very recently updated.  If you need your audit very urgently, please inform the GPA.
  • Date, Time, and Location:  When the MA Committee determines that the student is ready to defend, the student contacts all members of the committee and schedules the date, time, and place of the MA defense.
  • Reserve a Room:  After date and time have been determined, the student reserves the room for the exam using the Sociology department room reservation process.
  • Scheduling Form:  Student completes the Masters Thesis Defense Scheduling Form (fillable PDF form if opened in Acrobat) and obtains signatures from all committee members.  This form is turned into the Graduate Program Advisor at least two weeks prior to the defense date.  If you are defending very soon, and the form will come in later than the two week time frame, be sure to contact the Graduate Program Advisor and coordinate this process.
  • Request the Degree:  Submits a Master's Degree Request through the online MyGrad program.  This can be done any time in the same quarter you are defending, even before the Masters Thesis Defense Scheduling Form is submitted.  But must be done by the time the Masters Thesis Defense Scheduling Form is turned into the Graduate Program Advisor.  This is necessary so that the committee paperwork for the defense can be produced.
  • Committee Paperwork and Forms:  If the minimum Graduate School and departmental requirements are met, once the Master's Degree Request has been submitted to the Graduate School, the Graduate Program Advisor will print the Warrant and other related forms, and provide this to the student's MA Committee, including the "Master's Supervisory Committee Approval Form".
  • Committee Paperwork Completion:  The warrant and other related forms are signed by the committee once the MA Thesis Defense has been passed, and returned to the Graduate Program Advisor with original signatures
  • Special Note Regarding the Master's Supervisory Committee Approval Form:
    • This is a required Graduate School form that you will submit along with your final version of your Thesis via the ETD system.
    • The Graduate Program Advisor will obtain properly filled out forms from your committee on your behalf as part of your defense.
    • The form requires signatures from all parties.  Emails, faxes, and other types of substitutions are not allowed.
      If you have any committee member who will be away during your defense, and not available to immediately sign your form, make arrangements with the Graduate Program Advisor in advance as special arrangements will have to be made to obtain the signature of this committee member.