Book Corner

Many of us are readers. We read to keep up on the latest sociological research, of course, but we also read for pleasure. In the Book Corner, Sociology faculty, staff, graduate students, and visitors share recommendations for novels, biographies, history, and non-fiction books that have made an impact on us. What these books share in common is that they are all "good reads" that are accessible to a wide range of readers. And while few them are explicitly Sociology books, many touch on themes that come up in our classes, and in contemporary society. We encourage you to browse through these entries, then pull up a chair and start reading. There will be no quizzes, but feel free to let us know what you think.

Like many fans of "weird fiction" and supernatural horror, I have been drawn to the work of H.P. Lovecraft (born 1890, died 1937) since I was a teenager. Lovecraft has had an outsized influence on the development of modern American fiction and especially to the horror and science fiction genres. Besides being original, entertaining and highly quirky, Lovecraft's work is important because it... Read more