Annual Progress Review

The Graduate Program Committee (GPC) regularly monitors the performance of students to ensure that they are maintaining good academic progress.  In addition, the entire department faculty conducts an annual review of student progress.  Results of these reviews are shared with individual students, and inform departmental decisions concerning funding priority.  Details of the annual review process are outlined below.

Each spring, the Sociology Department conducts an annual progress review of graduate students.  In preparation for this meeting:

  • Timelines subject to change dependent on overall departmental activities scheduling.  Students and faculty will be notified in advance of the deadlines for any particular year, along with instructions on how to submit.
  • Graduate students must submit these items by the end of the 3rd week of spring quarter.
    • complete an online Graduate Student Activity Report (GSAR).
    • submit an up-to-date CV.
    • submit an unofficial copy of their transcript.
  • Faculty advisors must complete an online assessment of their advisees' progress during the academic year by the end of the 3rd week of spring quarter. These reports will cover:
    • Advisees' progress toward their degree.
    • Advisees' notable accomplishments.
    • Advisees' plans/goals.
    • Advisors' assessment of whether the student met their goals over the last year.
    • Advisors' assessment of the quality of the advisee's work.
    • Advisors' areas of concern.
    • Advisor's advice for the student.

During the Annual Review of Students:

  • The Graduate Program Advisor (GPA) provides the faculty with the Graduate Activity Report and a current transcript for each student, as well as a summary report from the departmental graduate student database that includes for each student: program milestones (thesis, exams, candidacy); incomplete coursework; and recent sources of funding.
  • Discussion among the full faculty is informed by these materials, and provides additional input on student progress and performance. Faculty advisors may revise their initial report in light of the faculty discussion.

Following the Annual Review of Students:

  • Faculty advisors send their final assessments of each of their advisees to the Graduate Program Advisor within one week of the Annual Review of Students.
  • The Graduate Program Coordinator includes this assessment in a letter sent to each student within three weeks of the Annual Review of Students. The letters inform students whether they are in compliance with the Recommended Timeline and in good standing in the Department. The letter also provides their advisors' assessment and advice.
  • Advisors are required to meet and discuss their assessments with advisees within four weeks of the Annual Review of Students.
  • Information gathered during the review process, including determination of progress through the program, is considered when making funding recommendations.

Students who come to the attention of the GPC because of special problems may be reviewed more frequently. Special problems include being on warning or probation status.

Revised process for Annual Review of Students 
Adopted by faculty 5/5/2010 
Revised 5/7/2010 per faculty input 
Approved by Graduate Program Committee 5/12/2010
Advisor Report Deadline adjusted per Graduate Program Committee 11/07/2011