Ph.D. Training Plan

The individually designed Ph.D. Training Plan is a coherent set of four graded courses that develop advanced methodological skills (broadly defined) or knowledge necessary to complete the dissertation. Training plans can include four courses that demonstrate methodological specialization (e.g., four courses in advanced quantitative methods) or a set of courses that provide you with skills or knowledge necessary for your proposed research. You will develop your training plan in consultation with your advisor and it may include already completed courses. Courses in your plan are frequently outside of the sociology department. Some examples include courses in:

  • CSSS
  • field work and/or qualitative methods
  • Area studies, including language courses
  • public health epidemiology
  • eScience
  • geography and spatial analysis.

When you are ready, you an complete the Ph.D. Training Plan form, The training plan should be submitted before your general exam, and completed before your final exam (dissertation defense). Two courses in your training plan can overlap with your required 4 SOC electives.

Minimum Grades

You should earn a minimum grade of 3.0 in all courses included in their Training Plan and maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA in these courses.

CSSS Concentration

Students who complete a Ph.D. Training plan that consists of coherent set of four CSSS courses and who have enrolled in at least one quarter of CSSS 590 (Weekly Seminar) may request a letter of completion from CSSS.