CSSS Concentration FAQ

Can I use CSSS Concentration coursework in my Ph.D. Training Plan?


Can I complete a Concentration in Social Statistics in addition to my Ph.D. Training Plan?

Of course!

How do I signal my advanced training in quantitative methods on my CV?

There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Add a line called 'Research Interests' and list your primary interests, including quantitative methods from the CSSS Concentration.
  • Add a section called 'Specialization and Training'. You can summarize CSSS coursework and mention the letter of recognition. This is also a great place to list the topics of your comprehensive exam and Ph.D. Training plan. 

I enrolled in a non-CSSS Section of a CSSS course.  Can I count this toward the concentration?


Is the CSSS concentration a graduate certificate?

No. This is a concentration and not a graduate certificate.