Teaching Resources

Acting as a teaching assistant or a student instructor is an important part of many graduate students' development.  The University of Washington offers a variety of helpful teaching resources and references for graduate students.

  • Catalyst
    Catalyst is the primary web-based tool used by UW for class administration tasks and grade submission.
  • Additional Web Tools
    In addition to Catalyst, the Learning and Scholarly Technologies division of the university consistently works to provide additional tools, and ongoing improvement for electronic support of the teaching process. Access information on the Canvas and Tegrity systems, feature-rich software support systems offering increased web and other tool integration.
  • Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) (previously known as CIDR)
    The Center for Teaching and Learning (or CTL) offers a wide variety of resources to student teachers including conferences, seminars, consultations, and extremely helpful bulletins on a number of topics such as class planning, improving teaching skills, and working with large classes.
  • Conducting a Student Peer Review How-To (TRAILS)
    This resource provides an example for a peer review process for a term paper and offers variations for considerations of class size and level.
  • Classroom Support Services
    Classroom Support Services provides media support, such as for projections, teaching equipment, or sound, for all classrooms on campus.
  • Department Loaner Equipment Use
    A limited number of laptops and computer projectors are available for use in instruction. Reserve and pickup/drop off through the Sociology Department main office. Instructions here.
  • Copyright Guidelines
    Especially when students are planning their own courses, the UW's Copyright Connection site is very helpful in avoiding copyright issues with class materials.
  • UW Grading Policy
    Quick overview of UW"s standard grading system, nontraditional grading options, grade point averages, and grading procedures.
  • Faculty Resource on Grading
    Though oriented toward faculty, this resource is also quite useful to graduate students who are learning to navigate the ins and outs of grading.
  • Syllabus and Rubric Design Resources
    Here you can download a syllabus design resource, a backwards course design sheet, and a resource for grading rubrics