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portraits of Katherine Beckett and Frank Miyamoto overlay photo of the quad Beckett Appointed S. Frank Miyamoto Professor of Sociology Apr 25, 2018
alexes harris portrait Professor Harris Receives 2018 Distinguished Teaching Award Apr 25, 2018
Barbara Reskin weighs in on the impact of overtime on the city of Seattle's gender wage gap Apr 11, 2018
Great Good Place The Great Good Place: Cafés, Coffee Shops, Bookstores, Bars, Hair Salons, and Other Hangouts at the Heart of a Community, by Ray Oldenburg.  Recommended by Ulrika O'Brien Mar 26, 2018
Christine Leibbrand and Tolnay's work on the impact of the Great Migration on second generation outcomes published in Demography, highlighted on CityLab Jan 28, 2018
Pepper In the News:  Pepper Schwartz weighs in on #Metoo and issues of sexual consent Jan 28, 2018
No Place Like Home cover No Place Like Home: Wealth, Community and the Politics of Homeownership.  Written by our Visiting Scholar Brian J. McCabe Jan 28, 2018
Sing Ubruried Sing Sing, Uburied, Sing and Salvage the Bones, both by Jesmyn Ward.  Recommended by Judy Howard Jan 17, 2018
Bob Crutchfield Bob Crutchfield Wins Herbert Bloch Award from the American Society of Criminology Dec 15, 2017
Nathalie Williams In the News:  Williams and Pfaff Describe Impact of GOP Tax bill on Graduate Education at UW in Seattle Times op-ed Dec 11, 2017
No Money, No Vote: How Imposed Fines, Fees and Cost Keep Black People From Voting Dec 1, 2017
Spiritual Virtuoso The Spirtual Virtuoso:  Personal Faith and Social Transformation.  By Steve Pfaff and Marion Goldman, reviewed by Susan Pitchford Nov 28, 2017
Liz Litzler's photo Flipping the Script on Deficit Models of Student Success Nov 24, 2017
Hamilton Cover Making Money:  How Taiwanese Industrialists Embraced the Global Economy.  Written by Emeritus Professor Gary Hamilton and Cheng-Shu Kao Nov 22, 2017
CapeTown UW brings the Data Revolution to the International Population Conference in Cape Town Nov 8, 2017
Children Ande Reisman's Dispatch from the Field:  Liminal in Nepal Nov 6, 2017
Kashima Adjunct Professor Tetsuden Kashima honored with Imperial Decorations by the Government of Japan Nov 3, 2017
air pollution Sociology led team reveals how air pollution impacts mental health Nov 3, 2017
How air pollution clouds mental health Nov 2, 2017
Luther On the Quincentennial of Luther's 95 theses, Steve Pfaff discusses how Luther's spiritual practice helped spread the Reformation. Oct 30, 2017
Twitter immigration collage Using a clever design and twitter data, Flores' research reveals how anti-immigration laws embolden those with anti-immigrant sentiments.   Oct 23, 2017
Using Facebook data as a real-time census Oct 16, 2017
An American Sickness An American Sickness by Elisabeth Rosenthal.  Recommended to us by Donna Shalala Oct 15, 2017
Emilio Zagheni Emilio Zagheni's work leverages Facebook advertising data to estimate migrant populations Oct 12, 2017
Tolnay Retirement Tolnay Symposium and Reception: Program of Events Oct 3, 2017


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