The UW Department of Sociology is thrilled to announce that Ruby Whelan, Honors Sociology '24, has been chosen as one of the Husky 100.

Submitted by Therese A. Mcshane on
Photo of Ruby Whelan, Husky 100 2024

Each year, Husky 100 recognizes 100 students from across UW campuses who are making the most of their time at UW through leadership, passion and impact--both inside and outside the classroom.

Ruby Whelan is a superb representative of the UW and our sociology program.  Ruby’s range of scholarly and extracurricular commitments is truly remarkable. She is a sociology Major, a member of the Sociology Honors Program, and a Data Science Minor with an almost perfect GPA. She has a deep interest in social justice, particularly in understanding systems of incarceration, as well as in public health. Last year she did a study abroad program in Amsterdam; she enriched that experience by serving as a cultural exchange ambassador, promoting study abroad for students from both the US and other countries. She acquired proficiency in Dutch associated with her study abroad and has also acquired intermediate proficiency in Mandarin.


Her energy seems boundless, because beyond the classroom and her scholarly work in Sociology and Data Science (Statistics, Criminology, Data and Society), she is the treasurer of UW Stage Notes, a student organization that promotes musical theatre at UW. In that capacity she has raised thousands of dollars to support their work. She directed 9 to 5, a musical in production through Stage Notes and performs and sings in the UW Chorale. Her commitment to promoting public health is evident in her serving as an Ambassador with the Pad Project, a worldwide organization working for menstrual equity. This past year she co-authored her team’s video on endometriosis. She also volunteers with Amnesty International and works at Fancy Plants, a neighborhood shop focused on growing healthy houseplants, providing plant education and reducing waste through reuse and recycling.  So, not only is she committed to her academic endeavors, she finds time to enjoy life, share her talents, and do good in her community.

We are so proud of you, Ruby!