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Tolnay Retirement Tolnay Symposium and Reception: Program of Events Oct 3, 2017
Tolnay Retirement An Appreciation of Stew Tolnay, Written by María Vignau Loría  Oct 2, 2017
Dreamland Dreamland by Sam Quinones.  Recommended by Stew Tolnay Sep 23, 2017
The Righteous Mind The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt.  Recommended by Edgar Kiser Sep 23, 2017
Modern Romance Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg.  Recommended by Steve Karceski Sep 23, 2017
Just Mercy Cover Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson.  Recommended by Katherine Beckett Sep 23, 2017
Pettinicchio David Pettinicchio (PhD 2012) and Michelle Maroto (PhD 2012) examine employment discrimination against persons with disabilities Sep 21, 2017
No Jargon No Jargon:  René Flores discusses immigration and the 2016 Presidential Election with Theda Skocpol. Sep 21, 2017
LaValle The Ballad of Black Tom by Victor LaValle.  Recommended by Steve Pfaff Sep 20, 2017
Changing the Game Sep 12, 2017
Cesare Miscarriage NPR highlights Nina Cesare's research on how people discuss miscarriages on Twitter Aug 28, 2017
NSF logo NSF funds three faculty-led projects on the social opportunities and challenges of the growth of digital data and technologies Aug 25, 2017
Q & A: Sarah Quinn lifts the curtain on the 'hidden state' Aug 22, 2017
Government Building Sarah Quinn discusses her award winning research on 'the hidden state' with UW News.  Aug 17, 2017
Guest Editorial: Seattle Must Do More to Help Former Prisoners Get Housing Aug 9, 2017
Olivia Smith, BA 17 Olivia Smith, B.A. '17, Awarded Fulbright to Study in Mexico Jul 31, 2017
Alexes Harris joins colleages in the Washington State Academy of Sciences Jul 27, 2017
Diefendorf honored with ASA Section Award for research on sexuality among evangelicals Jul 27, 2017
2017 Undergraduate Award Winners photos Congratulations 2016-2017 Undergraduate Award Winners! Jun 16, 2017
Graduating Ph.D. Class of 2016-2017 Congratulations to our Ph.D. Graduating Class of 2016-2017! Jun 14, 2017
Brendan McGovern Top Honors for Four Undergrads Jun 7, 2017
L.A. County might stop charging needy defendants a $50 fee Jun 7, 2017
Sociology Awards 2017 Recipients 2016 - 2017 Graduate Student and Faculty Department Awards Recipients May 30, 2017
6 Common Sex Problems Every Couple Deals With May 26, 2017
Cultural FOMO: the neverending struggle to keep up May 18, 2017


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