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Courses - Winter 2017

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Winter 2017

Sociology (SOC) Courses

Course Course Title (click for details) SLN Instructor Meeting Time
SOC 110 A Survey Of Sociology 19908 Susan Pitchford MWF 1:30pm - 2:20pm
SOC 110 AC Survey Of Sociology 19911 Raphael Mondesir Th 12:30pm - 1:20pm
SOC 110 AD Survey Of Sociology 19912 Raphael Mondesir Th 1:30pm - 2:20pm
SOC 201 A Introductory Topics In Sociology: Power, Inequality, and Markets: Introduction to Economic Sociology 19913 Sarah Quinn TTh 12:30pm - 2:20pm
SOC 201 AA Introductory Topics In Sociology 19914 Lanu Kim W 12:30pm - 1:20pm
SOC 201 AB Introductory Topics In Sociology 19915 Lanu Kim W 1:30pm - 2:20pm
SOC 201 AC Introductory Topics In Sociology 19916 Lanu Kim W 2:30pm - 3:20pm
SOC 215 A Introduction To Urban Sociology: Urban Sociology 19918 Mahesh Somashekhar MW 2:30pm - 3:50pm
SOC 215 AA Introduction To Urban Sociology 19919 Thiago Marques F 1:30pm - 2:20pm
SOC 215 AB Introduction To Urban Sociology 19920 Thiago Marques F 2:30pm - 3:20pm
SOC 221 B Statistical Concepts And Methods For The Social Sciences 19921 Mahesh Somashekhar MWF 9:30am - 10:20am
SOC 221 BA Statistical Concepts And Methods For The Social Sciences 19922 Daphne Liu TTh 8:30am - 9:20am
SOC 221 BB Statistical Concepts And Methods For The Social Sciences 19923 Daphne Liu TTh 9:30am - 10:20am
SOC 221 BC Statistical Concepts And Methods For The Social Sciences 19924 Devin Didericksen TTh 8:30am - 9:20am
SOC 221 BD Statistical Concepts And Methods For The Social Sciences 19925 Devin Didericksen TTh 9:30am - 10:20am
SOC 221 BE Statistical Concepts And Methods For The Social Sciences 19926 Janny Wang TTh 8:30am - 9:20am
SOC 221 BF Statistical Concepts And Methods For The Social Sciences 19927 Janny Wang TTh 9:30am - 10:20am
SOC 266 A Introduction To Labor Studies 19928 George I Lovell TTh 11:30am - 12:50pm
SOC 266 AA Introduction To Labor Studies 19929 Mathieu Dubeau WF 9:30am - 10:20am
SOC 266 AB Introduction To Labor Studies 19930 Mathieu Dubeau WF 10:30am - 11:20am
SOC 266 AC Introduction To Labor Studies 19931 Seth A Trenchard WF 11:30am - 12:20pm
SOC 266 AD Introduction To Labor Studies 19932 Seth A Trenchard WF 12:30pm - 1:20pm
SOC 270 A Social Problems 19933 Kara Dillard MW 8:30am - 9:50am
SOC 270 AA Social Problems 19934 Andrea Sequeira F 8:30am - 9:20am
SOC 270 AB Social Problems 19935 Andrea Sequeira F 9:30am - 10:20am
SOC 270 AC Social Problems 19936 Evi Lina Sutrisno F 9:30am - 10:20am
SOC 270 AD Social Problems 19937 Evi Lina Sutrisno F 10:30am - 11:20am
SOC 271 A Introduction To The Sociology Of Deviance And Social Control 19938 Robert Crutchfield TTh 2:30pm - 3:50pm
SOC 271 AA Introduction To The Sociology Of Deviance And Social Control 19939 Zhihang Dong W 1:30pm - 2:20pm
SOC 271 AB Introduction To The Sociology Of Deviance And Social Control 19940 Michele Cadigan W 2:30pm - 3:20pm
SOC 271 AC Introduction To The Sociology Of Deviance And Social Control 19941 Zhihang Dong W 2:30pm - 3:20pm
SOC 271 AD Introduction To The Sociology Of Deviance And Social Control 19942 Zhihang Dong W 3:30pm - 4:20pm
SOC 292 A Who Gets Ahead? Public Schooling In America 19943 Susan Pitchford MWF 11:30am - 12:20pm
SOC 292 AA Who Gets Ahead? Public Schooling In America 19944 Erin Renee Carll T 9:30am - 10:20am
SOC 292 AB Who Gets Ahead? Public Schooling In America 19945 Erin Renee Carll T 10:30am - 11:20am
SOC 292 AC Who Gets Ahead? Public Schooling In America 19946 Erin Renee Carll T 11:30am - 12:20pm
SOC 300 A Foundations Of Social Inquiry 19947 Kyle Crowder MWF 10:30am - 11:20am
SOC 300 AA Foundations Of Social Inquiry 19948 Christian Hess Th 9:30am - 10:20am
SOC 300 AB Foundations Of Social Inquiry 19949 Madison Leia Th 9:30am - 10:20am
SOC 300 AC Foundations Of Social Inquiry 19950 Madison Leia Th 10:30am - 11:20am
SOC 300 AD Foundations Of Social Inquiry 19951 Christian Hess Th 10:30am - 11:20am
SOC 316 A Introduction To Sociological Theory 19952 Steve Pfaff TTh 10:30am - 12:20pm
SOC 316 AA Introduction To Sociological Theory 19953 Bernd Wurpts F 9:30am - 10:20am
SOC 316 AB Introduction To Sociological Theory 19954 Bernd Wurpts F 10:30am - 11:20am
SOC 316 AC Introduction To Sociological Theory 19955 Francisca Javiera Gómez Baeza F 10:30am - 11:20am
SOC 316 AD Introduction To Sociological Theory 19956 Francisca Javiera Gómez Baeza F 11:30am - 12:20pm
SOC 353 A The Family In Cross-Cultural Perspective 19958 Julie Brines MWF 11:30am - 12:20pm
SOC 353 AA The Family In Cross-Cultural Perspective 19959 Daiki Hiramori T 9:30am - 10:20am
SOC 353 AB The Family In Cross-Cultural Perspective 19960 Daiki Hiramori T 10:30am - 11:20am
SOC 353 AC The Family In Cross-Cultural Perspective 19961 Daiki Hiramori T 11:30am - 12:20pm
SOC 355 A Social Change In Latin America 21983 Jonathan W. Warren MW 2:30pm - 4:20pm
SOC 371 A Criminology 19962 Callie Burt TTh 12:30pm - 1:50pm
SOC 371 AA Criminology 19963 Kate O'neill F 11:30am - 12:20pm
SOC 371 AB Criminology 19964 Kate O'neill F 12:30pm - 1:20pm
SOC 371 AC Criminology 19965 Kate O'neill F 1:30pm - 2:20pm
SOC 372 A Crime, Politics, And Justice 19966 Ann Frost MW 9:30am - 10:50am
SOC 372 AA Crime, Politics, And Justice 19967 Daniel Nolan T 9:30am - 10:20am
SOC 372 AB Crime, Politics, And Justice 19968 Daniel Nolan T 10:30am - 11:20am
SOC 372 AC Crime, Politics, And Justice 19969 Hannah Curtis T 11:30am - 12:20pm
SOC 372 AD Crime, Politics, And Justice 19970 Hannah Curtis T 12:30pm - 1:20pm
SOC 399 A Undergraduate Internship 19971 Ann Frost to be arranged
SOC 401 A Special Topics In Sociology: Murderball, Savants, and Crip Art: Disability in Popular Culture 19972 Heather D. Evans MW 9:30am - 11:20am
SOC 401 B Special Topics In Sociology 19973 to be arranged
SOC 402 A Sociology In Practice: Education Service Program 19974 Sarah Diefendorf T 12:30pm - 2:20pm
SOC 404 A Sociology In Practice: Community/civic Internship Program 19976 Steven Karceski Th 11:30am - 1:20pm
SOC 420 A Sociology Of Food 19977 Katherine Stovel TTh 10:30am - 12:20pm
SOC 434 A Demographic Issues In Asia 19978 William Lavely TTh 1:30pm - 3:20pm
SOC 497 A Honors Senior Seminar 19981 Hedwig (Hedy) Lee TTh 2:30pm - 4:20pm
SOC 499 A Undergraduate Independent Study Or Research 19982 Pepper Schwartz to be arranged
SOC 499 B Undergraduate Independent Study Or Research 19983 Susan Pitchford F 3:30pm - 5:20pm
SOC 501 A Proseminar 19984 Steve Pfaff M 12:30pm - 1:20pm
SOC 505 A Applied Social Statistics 19985 Jerald R. Herting TTh 1:30pm - 3:20pm
SOC 508 A Logic Of Social Inquiry 19986 Julie Brines W 1:30pm - 3:20pm
SOC 512 A Review Of Mathematics For Social Scientists 19987 Yuan Hsiao Th 12:30pm - 1:20pm
SOC 517 A Deviance And Social Control 19988 Callie Burt Th 3:30pm - 5:20pm
SOC 524 A Master's Thesis Research Seminar 19989 Jerald R. Herting T 12:00pm - 2:20pm
SOC 533 A Research Methods In Demography 19990 Emilio Zagheni T 3:30pm - 6:20pm
SOC 534 A Statistical Methods For Spatial Data 19991 Jon Wakefield MW 9:00am - 10:20am
SOC 555 A Methods In Macro, Comparative, And Historical Sociology 19992 Steve Pfaff MW 1:30pm - 3:20pm
SOC 560 A Hierarchical Modeling For The Social Sciences 19993 Adrian Raftery MW
SOC 590 A Special Topics In Sociology 19994 Stewart Tolnay M 3:30pm - 5:20pm
SOC 597 A Field Seminar In States, Markets, And Societies 19995 Scott Radnitz T 1:30pm - 4:20pm
SOC 600 A Independent Study Or Research 19996 to be arranged
SOC 700 A Master's Thesis 19997 Hedwig (Hedy) Lee to be arranged
SOC 800 A Doctoral Dissertation 19998 Michael N. Hechter to be arranged