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Alum Melissa Miranda (BFA, 2008, Sociology) discusses her career as a chef and the cultural inspirations for the dishes she creates. Featured on University of Washington Magazine 
American Bonds: How Credit Markets Shaped a Nation
Sarah Quinn and her new book, American Bonds: How Credit Markets Shaped a Nation, were profiled in the Spring/Summer issue of the ASA Economic Sociology Section Newsletter. In an interview with Barbara Kiviat, Sarah Quinn discussed how and why policymakers have turned to credit as the solution to social, economic, and political problems... Read more
President Ana Mari Cause has appointed Professor Alexes Harris as the University of Washington's Faculty Athletic Representative.  This position, which is required by the NCAA's constitution, is responsible for ensuring that the University remains in compliance with all Pac-12 and NCAA rules.  Alexes' goal in her new role is to ensure that the... Read more
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Connor Gilroy has been awarded the Graduate School’s 2019 Distinguished Thesis Award for the social sciences for his MA paper, "How Distinct is Gay Neighborhood Change?  Patterns and Variation in Gayborhood Trajectories."  In this paper... Read more
American Bonds
In her new book “American Bonds: How Credit Markets Shaped a Nation,” Sarah Quinn explores how the United States government has long used financial credit programs to create economic opportunities for American citizens.  From the 1780s, when a watershed national land credit policy was... Read more
Four members of the World Cup winning US Women's National Team were sociology majors as undergrads!  Congrats to Megan Rapinoe, Crystal Dunn, Abby Dahlkemper, & Rose Lavelle on their great play in the tournament.  While none of these four went to the UW, soccer player and the UW's most recent Marshall Scholar... Read more
Ph.D. candidate Erin Carll has been awarded an NSF Dissertation Improvement Award from the National Science Foundation.  Carll's dissertation, "Residential Histories and the Residential Mobility Process for Housing Choice Voucher Users Living with... Read more
Ph.D. candidate Yuan Hsiao has been awarded a Presidential Dissertation Fellowship by the University of Washington's Graduate School.  This prestigious award recognizes Yuan's... Read more
In his award winning paper, "For Every Regulation You Pass, the Market is Gonna React: Risk, Property Rights, and the Limits of Anti-Discrimination Law," Marco Brydolf-Horwitz draws on ethnographic data to tackle a theoretically rich and substantively important question: will a recent legal reform intended to ensure that housing... Read more
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Congratulations to Christine Leibbrand, who has been selected as the 2019 recipient of the College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Medal in Social Sciences. This honor is given to outstanding students in each division of the College of Arts and Sciences for their impressive record of academic achievement. Christine, who will defend her... Read more