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Miyamoto Professor Katherine Beckett
Katherine Beckett and co-authors responded to critics of restorative justice in the May 17 Seattle Times, citing evidence from multiple sources that a restorative justice response to crime produces greater victim satisfaction with the process and with the outcome, than do approaches that depend only on prison and punishment.  Read the full piece at the... Read more
Hannah Curtis, Michelle Cadigan, John Leverso
Hannah Curtis has been awarded and NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.  This very competitive award funds outstanding predoctoral students in NSF-supported fields.  Hannah joins other recent NSF Graduate Fellows, Michele Cadigan and John Leverso .  Tyler Smith’s application was also recognized with honorable mention. We especially... Read more
portraits of Katherine Beckett and Frank Miyamoto overlay photo of the quad
Katherine Beckett succeeds Professor Emeritus Stewart Tolnay as the S. Frank Miyamoto Professor of Sociology. The S. Frank Miyamoto Professorship in Sociology was endowed in 2002 in honor of Frank Miyamoto, former professor and chair of the University of Washington Department of Sociology.  Frank began his long association with the University of Washington as an undergraduate in the 1930s.  ... Read more
alexes harris portrait
Congratulations to Professor Alexes Harris, selected a winner of the University of Washington Distinguished Teaching Award.  During her career at UW, Alexes has taught and inspired thousands of students in her Sociology classes, and we are extraordinarily lucky to have her in our midst.  The Distinguished Teaching Award is the University’s highest award for instruction, and... Read more
  In 2017, women in Seattle’s transportation and utilities departments earned just 8 percent of all overtime pay, despite comprising 35 percent of the workforce, according to data from the city.  In real terms, where men across three of the city's largest departments — Transportation, Public Utilities and City Light — brought home about $39 million in extra pay last year, women earned just $4... Read more
Christine Leibbrand and Stew Tolnay have publisehd a paper in Demography that examines long-term economic and social effects of the Great Migration on the migrants’ children. Their results reveal modest but statistically significant advantages in education, income, and poverty status for the African American... Read more
Bob Crutchfield
Emeritus Professor Bob Crutchfield was named the 2017 winner of the Herbert Bloch Award at the American Society of Criminology's 2017 Annual Meeting.  Bob joins an extremely distinguished group of criminologists who have won this award, which recognizes outstanding service contributions to the American Society of Criminology and to the professional interests of criminology.  Though retired, Bob... Read more
Nathalie Williams
Nathalie Williams is an associate professor of Sociology and International Studies, and director of the Ph.D. program in the University of Washington’s Jackson School of International Studies. Steven Pfaff is a professor and former graduate program chair in the UW’s Department of Sociology.  Together they penned an op-ed for the Seattle Times that describes the devastating impact the U.S. House-... Read more