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Brendan McGovern
They are curious. They inspire their classmates. They are world travelers, peer tutors, and scholars. They are the College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Medalists, selected on the basis of their GPA and glowing recommendations from faculty. Learn more about these UW seniors, who are at the top of their graduating class.  Brendan McGovern, Dean’s Medalist in the Arts Brendan McGovern, a double... Read more
Alexes Harris of UW department of sociology weighs in on a potential fee waiver for indigent and other needy criminal defendants in Los Angeles County. Featured on Los Angeles Times 
Sociology Awards 2017 Recipients
Awards for the 2016-2017 school year were announced last week, and plaques given out at the Celebration. If you see one of your “award winning” colleagues in the halls say congratulations! Excellence as a Teaching Assistant:  Daniel NolanExcellence as a Graduate Instructor:  Sarah Diefendorf Outstanding Performance for... Read more
UW professor of sociology, Pepper Schwartz, weighs in on ways to overcome common sex problems. Featured on Men's Health 
Books, TV Shows, podcasts, news stories, the latest meme. There's a constant stream of media to keep up with. How do we stay sane? Featured on Seattle Times 
undergraduate symposium
Sociology Posters/Presentations at the Mary Gates Undergraduate Research Symposium 1)  Inspiration Porn and Down Syndrome – Promoting Inclusion or Reinforcing Stereotypes? Presenter Lauren Marie (Lauren) Halle, Senior, Sociology UW Honors Program Mentor... Read more
UW sociology researcher, Tim Thomas, on a migration of historic proportions—African-Americans leaving central Seattle and being pushed south, driven by high rents. Featured on KUOW 
As Bonderman Fellows, Saige and Havana are provided stipends for a minimum of 8 months of travel with the only mandate being that they visit at least two regions of the globe. Featured on Department of Sociology 
Professor of sociology, Alexes Harris, leads a team of researchers at nine universities who are exploring the role of monetary sanctions in the criminal justice system. Featured on UW today