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David Takeuchi in a read shirt against a bookshelf backdrop
It’s not unusual for sociologists to discover their calling late. Musicians, mathematicians, artists, and doctors may know even as kids what they will be when they grow up, but there just aren’t a lot of youngsters dressing up as sociologists for Halloween. Of course, you don’t find a lot of longitudinal data play sets at Toys R Us, either. Sociology is disadvantaged when it comes to kid appeal.... Read more
protest outside police precinct with demonstrators holding a yellow and black banner that reads "JUSTICE FOR DAUNTE WRIGHT"
Alexes Harris' essay in Vox breaks down the "pretext traffic stop," which is typically when law enforcement stop a vehicle for a minor traffic or equipment violation and then uses the stop to investigate a more serious crime. Recent studies suggest that non-safety related traffic stops do little to prevent accidents or increase driver safety. In light of the killing of Daunte Wright in... Read more
Washington State’s Supreme Court Building, also known as the Temple of Justice, photographed on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020, in Olympia, Wash. (Jovelle Tamayo for Crosscut)
In a landmark decision last month, the Washington Supreme Court voided all drug possession cases in the state. According to the court’s ruling in State v. Blake, the entire statute that criminalizes simple drug possession is unconstitutional. The sweeping decision pertains to all drugs — regardless of type and amount — across the history of the state’s criminal legal system. No longer can police... Read more
man walking along a sidewalk lined with tents in Seattle
A study led by Keren Snedker, Charles Lanfear, and Lindsey Beach on the growing tent cities in Seattle, was recently featured in The Seattle Times. The study reported that the presence of tents within Seattle's urban core has... Read more