Recent News

Professor Julie Brines discusses work from her recent ASR 2012 (78(1) 26-50)  piece (with colleagues Sabino Kornrich and Katrina Leupp) and comment from Professor Pepper Schwartz appear in the Times piece titled "Does a More Equal Marriage Mean Less Sex" by Lori Gottlieb.  The link below is to the the NYT article and the second link is to a prior piece in UW Today that covered the original ASR... Read more
Solee accepted a post-doctoral position at the Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies at Lund University in Sweden.  The post begins this Spring and is for two-years.  Congratulations to Solee.
Katrina Leupp accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Sociology at Washington State University.  The position will start in August 2014.  Her undergraduate teaching responsibilities will be at WSU's Vancouver campus. 
2014 PhD Amy Spring has accepted a tenure-track assistant professorship in the Sociology Department at Georgia State University, starting in the Fall of 2014.  Congratulations, Amy.
Sociology graduate student Jorge Martinez was the recipient of the highly competetive and prestigious Minority Student Fellowship for 2013  from the American Society of Criminology.   The fellowship was awarded during the ASC's Nov. 20-23 Annual Meeting, in Atlanta, Georgia.  Congratulations, Jorge!
Dr. Judy Loveless-Morris successfully defended her dissertation, "Black-White Wealth Accumulation: Does Veteran Status Matter?," on Tuesday 11/5/2013.  Judy's committee was chaired by Professor Barbara Reskin; other members included Professors Lowell Hargens, Alexes Harris, and Marieka Klawitter (GSR). Abstract: Previous research has demonstrated that institutions can diminish or increase access... Read more
Jake Rosenfeld was interviewed by the NYTimes for a business piece, In New Wave of Walkouts, Fast-Food Strikers Gain Momentum.   Jake comments on the movement to unionize this employment sector.  For full story see:
Professor Pepper Schwartz has an Opinion piece at CNN on the Miley Cyrus performance at the VMAs and how parents can discuss it with their children. Link to CNN
Professor Jake Rosenfeld received a section award at the August meeting of the American Sociological Association.  His article, co-written with Meredith Kleykamp, "Organized Labor and Racial Wage Inequality in the United States" (AJS 2012, volume 117, pp. 1460-1502) was named the 2013 winner of the Distinguished Scholarly Article Award from the Labor and Labor Movements section of the American... Read more