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Part of Ryan Gabriel's dissertation work on the housing location of mixed-race couples is profiled in UW Today at  Using the... Read more
Jennifer's research presented at this year's annual meetings of the American Sociological Assoication in Chicago made headlines.  Her dissertation research on public-sector employment inequality after the Great Recession shows that job cuts during and after the recession disproportionately hurt black workers, especially woman, and increased racial disparity in the public sector. Please see... Read more
Our newest Assistant Professor Callie Burt has arrived on campus. Professor Burt comes to us from Arizona State University's School of Criminology and Criminal Justice where she was an Assistant Professor for the past 4 years.  Callie received her PhD in 2009 at University of Georgia specializing in criminology and has amassed an impressive research record.  Her work has appeared in ... Read more
   Dr. Kravitz-Wirtz's dissertation, Effects of Prolonged and Timing-Specific Exposure to Neighborhood Disadvantage during Childhood and Adolescence on Health and Health Inequalities in Early Adulthood”,was chosen to receive the 2015 Distinguished Dissertation Award (Social Sciences category).  Nicole will be taking a post-doctoral position at the University of Michigan this fall. Congratulations... Read more
Alexes and Bob were named to the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs Science Advisory Board.  Professor Crutchfield will be the chair of the board's justice system transparency and accounability subcommittee.  Professor Harris was named to the 25-member board which advises the Office of Justice Programs on research, statistics and grant programs.   For a full story see the UW... Read more
Ross Matsueda
Ross Matsueda was recently elected to the Washington State Academy of Sciences. This is the highest academic honor awarded in our state.  Hearty congratulations to Ross!
honors students
All 11 of this year's undergraduate honors cohort prepared posters and participated in the annual Mary Gates Research Symposium in May.  It was a great representation of social science research for the symposium.  Below is a list of the participants, their poster title, and the faculty/graduate student mentors who helped with their research.   Zoë Bill: Yes All Women: The... Read more
2015 Population Association of America: UW Graduate Student Participants Liz Ackert: Staying Close: Proximity to Kin and Patterns of Residential Mobility in Poor Neighborhoods, in Poster Session on Marriage, Unions, Families, and Households. Liz Ackert: Harmful or Helpful? School Racial/Ethnic and Socioeconomic Composition and the Educational Outcomes of Mexican Origin Youth, in Poster Session on... Read more
John Leverso
Congratulations are in order to John!  He received a three year stipend from NSF to continue his evolving research on gang membership, specifically desistance from gangs.  The fellowship begins Autumn Quarter 2015.
Stewart Tolney
Tolnay and Beck are cited in a NY Times article (see link below) regarding their original work on compiling a comprehensive list of lynchings in the mid 90's.  Stew, along with UW PhD Amy Bailey (Assistant Professor at University of Illinois, Chicago)  have a new book due for release in June of this year titled Lynched:  The Victims of Southern Mob Violence.     ... Read more