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Book Cover: "Nepali Migrant Women: Resistance & Survival in America"
Upcoming Talk, May 5, with Dr. Shoba Hamal Gurung Join us to hear Dr. ShobhaHamal Gurungdiscuss her newest book, Nepali Migrant Women: Resistance & Survival in America. The book offers powerful ethnographic stories of Nepali women in America who are actively involved in the making of transnational families and communities, who subvert traditional gender roles by engaging in activism to... Read more
Laird cited in NYT Magazine
Jennifer Laird's dissertation work was cited in the New York Times Magazine by Annie Lowry in her piece on "Where Did  the Government Jobs Go?"  Part of Jennifer's dissertation results on how the disappearance of public sector work has adversely affected African Americans was widely cited in the piece. see link: Great work and great to... Read more
Dillard at A Public Voice 2016
Kara is one of four panelists at the Charles F. Kettering Foundation’s “A Public Voice Program” at the National Press Club on May 5th.  The event serves to connect policymakers, practitioners, and faculty of deliberative democracy to share how citizens are thinking about the question of "how should we spread prosperity and improve opportunity?"   In part this invitation stems from her classroom... Read more
Sociology was well represented at the recent April 2016 Population Association of America Annual Meetings in Washington DC.   Eighteen graduate students participated in 27 different activities.  These included helping present in a pre-conference workshop, acting as discussants, presenting posters, and either being presenters or being part of papers presented in various sessions.  Truly a good... Read more
The Department of Sociology is sponsoring a lecture, Anti-Judaism Past and Present, by Prof. David Nirenberg, Professor of History and Dean of the Social Sciences Division at the University of Chicago, and author of Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition, and Neighboring Faiths: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism in the Middle Ages and Today. Monday, May 9th at 7:00 pm KANE... Read more
Shaw accepts postdoc at Michigan
Lynette accepted a 2-yr postdoctoral Research Fellow position at the University of Michigan’s Center for the Study of Complex Systems.  She’ll start next fall.  She’ll be continuing her dissertation work on new digital currencies and starting some new work on developing approaches for studying cultural processes using big data. Congratulations to Lynette.
Thomas and Gabriel on KUOW
Tim's and Ryan's work on neighborhood micro-segregation was discussed in an interview with KUOW and was featured web-piece on KUOW's news blog.  This work is part of their joint effort and a working paper titled "Segregation within Integration".   Some of the work fstemmed from Kyle Crowder's Soc 415 Class "The City and Neighborhood Dynamics" where Tim and Ryan provided some educational/research... Read more
Experimental Evidence on Race and Class Bias in K-12 Public School Principals: An Audit Study of Bias in American Schooling Charles Crabtree, Political Science, Penn State,Holger L. Kern, Political Science, Florida State University On April 12th 12 Noon in Savery 409 As part of the Department of Sociology and the Earl & Edna Stice Lecture... Read more
Victoria Sass PAA Poster
At the recent Population Association of America annual meetings this past week Victoria was given full credit by her colleagues (Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz, Kyle Crowder, and Anjum Hajat) for putting together a winning poster in DC.  The poster, titled "Patterns of Racial-Ethnic Inequality in Neighborhood Air Pollution Exposure: A Multilevel, Repeated Measurements Analysis", was part of a paper coming... Read more
Jonathan Muir and Ande Reisman were both awarded Fulbright's to pursue their dissertation work next year. Ande's work is in Nepal where she will be be based out of Nepal's Chitwan Valley to interview women before, during, and after their male partner's migration abroad as a labor migrant. The aim is to better understand how the significant number of men migrating impacts household practices and... Read more