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Two doctoral students at UW are researching how people tweet at the dead. Featured on 
They didn’t set out to do a study on divorce, but two University of Washington researchers poring over a range of sociological data saw such a clear pattern emerge that they’ve ended up with one. Featured on Yahoo 
KOMO Radio's Herb Weisbaum interviews Pepper Schwartz, professor of sociology at the UW, about the scandal surrounding politician Anthony Weiner. Featured on KOMO 
Nina and Jenni are in the news with their recent ASA conference paper looking at the influence of social media on changing views of death and manner of mourning.   The research has been picked up and covered by a number of sources, including the NY Times Magazine (see link) among many other outlets.... Read more
Julie and Brian's conference paper they presented at the recent American Sociological Association meetings held in Seattle this past week has been making the news in a variety of locations (Bloomberg, Slate, Syndney Morning Herald, among others).   The research shows strong seasonal patterns in divorce filings.   See the link in the UW Today and in the Seattle Times.... Read more
While many are falling over themselves in love during the spring, a new study has found that divorce filings spike seasonally, too. Featured on Bustle 
Everyone dies eventually, but our social media accounts often live on — which presents interesting and unprecedented consequences for the grieving process. Featured on Bustle 
Beyond the obvious gimmick, "Married at First Sight" gives a fascinating glimpse into the anatomy of human romance. Featured on 
Relationship experts, including UW professor of sociology Pepper Schwartz, beg you to stop thinking these thoughts. Featured on 
Filings for divorce spike twice a year, in March and August, according to a new UW study. Featured on