Recent News

UW professor Alexes Harris' new book examines how fines and fees keep people imprisoned long after their sentence is through. Featured on Seattle Weekly 
This year, the annual Airbnb conference, OpenAir, will focus on a different challenge for the company and the tech industry: diversity and inclusion. Featured on LA Times 
A new book by the UW's Alexes Harris (sociology) chronicles how scores of former inmates and the people they harmed are jointly cheated by a cyclical and cynical state-sponsored debt spiral. Featured on The Atlantic 
Airbnb banned a host in North Carolina Wednesday after he used racist language to tell a woman who had just booked a room she was not welcome because she was black. Featured on USA Today 
Denice accepts post-doc
Patrick Denice will be taking a two-year post-doctoral position at Washington University-St. Louis in their newly revitatized Sociology Department.  He will be working with Jake Rosenfeld.  Denice will be defending his dissertation on June 3rd.  Congratulations to Patrick!
Raftery's work on population projections
Adrian’s recent work (with colleagues Jonathan Azose and Hana Sevcikova) on population projections that incorporate migration uncertainty was picked up by UW Today---see link below.  The work appears in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.   ... Read more
Anna Reosti receives NSF award
Anna Reosti has been awarded a NSF dissertation improvement grant.  Her dissertation is looking at housing/public housing in Seattle area and is titled:  Tenant Screening in the Information Age: Implications for Housing Access. 
Tolnay receives IPUMS award
Stew and Amy (UW PhD currently at University of Illinois-Chicago Circle) received the 2015 IPUMS Research Award for the their book “Lynched: The Victims of Southern Mob Violence”  (University of North Carolina Press).  The annual award is given out by the Minnesota Population Center (University of Minnesota) for the best published research using  either IPUMS-USA or IPUMS-International.  Stew and... Read more
UW Sociology graduate students continue to be successful in competitions for selective University fellowships.  Frank Edwards and Maria Grigoryeva have just been named Graduate School Presidential Dissertation Fellows for 2016-17.  And Angela Bruns received a GO-MAP Dissertation Fellow for 2016-17. These are very competitive awards.  Congratulations to Frank, Maria, and Angela for their... Read more
Matsueda receives Sutherland
Professor Ross Matsueda has been named the 2016 winner of the American Society of Criminology's Sutherland Award.   The Sutherland Award is the ASC's most prestigious award.  ASC describes the award as recognizing "...outstanding contributions to theory or research in criminology on the etiology of criminal and deviant behavior, the criminal justice system, corrections, law, or justice.  The... Read more