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Steven Long and his attorney Ali Bilow after a State Court of Appeals hearing in Seattle on Nov. 7, 2019. Long took the city of Seattle to court when the truck he was living in was impounded. His case is now before the Washington state Supreme Court.
For the past 13 years, I have researched the system of fines and fees, also called monetary sanctions. Research finds that when people are... Read more
Book cover that shows a person standing on a field next to a large measurement ruler: The Quantified Self by Debora Lupton
If you're minoring in data science, the spring quarter Special Topics course may be for you. Taught by Zack Almquist, SOC 301 "The Quantified Self" will focus on how apps and other online services are allowing individuals and organizations to track details of their own lives. Real world examples include the large community of people who share results of their tracking on platforms such as Reddit... Read more
Community members hold a press conference addressing an upcoming Seattle City Council vote on an agreement between the Seattle Police Officers Guild and the city of Seattle at City Hall, Nov. 13, 2018.
Professor of Sociology Robert Crutchfield, a nationally renowned criminologist, is mentioned in this podcast on defunding Seattle's police. Featured on Crosscut 
Bushes and trees cover a walkway outside Mary Gates Hall
Robert Crutchfield, an emeritus professor of sociology and co-author of a new study has found that Black youth who have police contact at a young age may be more likely to have more contacts with police later in life. ... Read more
portrait of Yuan Hsiao against a light gray background
After completing his PhD and an MS in statistics this summer, Yuan Hsiao will begin his career as an assistant professor in the University of Washington’s Department of Communication in the Fall of 2021. A deeply sociological thinker, Yuan studies how new technologies like twitter and texts have transformed grassroots efforts at social change, and this has made him a rising star in the exciting... Read more
phone screen with a dating profile on it and a thumb about to swipe left or right
Tinder, Grindr and other dating apps have a reputation for encouraging casual hookups, but a new study suggests app users may be looking for — and finding — love in all the right places after all. Pepper Schwartz, professor of sociology at the UW, is quoted.... Read more
Portrait of Bob Crutchfield
When Robert Crutchfield, who retired as a professor emeritus in 2016 after almost four decades in the Department of Sociology, was invited to join the Board of Commissioners for the Seattle Housing Authority (SHA), he couldn’t say no. It was a full-circle moment. “For me, it was pretty special because I grew up in housing projects in Pittsburgh,” he says. “I was honored to be asked and happy to... Read more
Michele Cadigan, sociology graduate student, explains how to create a legal market for cannabis without increasing police budgets. Featured on Vice 
Katherine Beckett portrait against green background
Oregon has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of any drug, and there’s a push in Washington to do the same. But what effect will that really have on arrests, prosecution, and the fight against the War on Drugs? Temper your expectations, says University of Washington sociology and law professor Katherine Beckett.... Read more
police car lights flashing red and blue
Annie McGlynn-Wright, who received her PhD in Sociology from the University of Washington in 2019, explains the results of a new study she worked on exploring the consequences of early interactions between police and Black youth. Robert Crutchfield, a professor emeritus of the UW Sociology department, was also involved in the study. The results of the UW study, which was published in late... Read more