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Is divorce more common during the holidays? Dec 20, 2016
The Costs of Being Poor Nov 21, 2016
Brian Wahlberg gives daughter Luciena a good view of the proceedings as the crowd sings at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle. Dark days ahead: American professors on Trump's presidency Nov 18, 2016
Here’s what ‘Married at First Sight’ finally got right Nov 3, 2016
​Two Years After Ferguson, Missouri Cops Are Accused of Shaking Down the Poor Nov 3, 2016
Video | Shortage of bone marrow donors Oct 31, 2016
Spring 2017---Sociology in Rome with Susan Pitchford Oct 28, 2016
UW study measures community cohesion and political leanings with "lost" envelopes Oct 12, 2016
Editorial | Moral obligation to not create debtors' traps for poor defendants Oct 3, 2016
4 tips for surviving the Clinton vs. Trump presidential election Oct 3, 2016
Stress Training for Cops’ Brains Could Reduce Suspect Shootings Sep 22, 2016
Should Pornography Be Declared A Public Health Threat? Sep 22, 2016
Emilio Zagheni Trailblazer Award for Demographic Analysis given to Professor Zagheni Sep 14, 2016
Hsiao receives award for MA thesis Yuan Hsiao receives Graduate School’s 2016 Distinguished Thesis Award Sep 14, 2016
Assistant Professor Flores Welcome Assistant Professor Flores Sep 2, 2016
What Do People Tweet At The Dead? How We Mourn On Twitter Is Unique, Researchers Find Sep 1, 2016
One of the Peak Times for Divorce Is Nearly Over Aug 31, 2016
KOMO Radio | UW's Pepper Schwartz on Anthony Weiner's behavior Aug 28, 2016
Nina Cesare's and Jennifer Branstad's work using Twitter to study mourning appears in the news. Aug 26, 2016
Brines' and Serafini's work on seasonal trends in divorce is in the news. Aug 26, 2016
Divorce rates spike in March and August — and here's why Aug 26, 2016
What Do People Tweet At The Dead? How We Mourn On Twitter Is Unique, Researchers Find Aug 26, 2016
A blind date--to say 'I do': 'Married at First Sight' proves the unpredictability of romance Aug 23, 2016
6 Negative Thoughts That Can Destroy A Relationship Aug 22, 2016
Summer vacations can lead to divorce Aug 22, 2016


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