NPR highlights Nina Cesare's research on how people discuss miscarriages on Twitter

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National Public Radio's Your Health series gave Elaine Nsoesie and Nina Cesare (Ph.D candidate in Sociology) an opportunity to discuss their ongoing research on how people discuss miscarriage on Twitter.  Prompted by recent disclosures by high profile celebrities, Nsoesie and Cesare wondered if the taboo against talking about miscarriage is being lifted.  They analyzed over 50,000 tweets and discovered four categories of discussion:  celebrity miscarriage news; op-ed articles and politicized discussions; potential causes; and personal or familial experiences.  Overall levels of discussion rose dramatically in the wake of high profile disclosure, and sentiment analysis allowed Nsoesie and Cesare to uncover the extent to which twitter allowed women to express their emotional reactions to their own miscarriages.  Read the whole story here.

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