2016 - 2017 Graduate Student and Faculty Department Awards Recipients

Submitted by Liz Collier on

Awards for the 2016-2017 school year were announced last week, and plaques given out at the Celebration.

If you see one of your “award winning” colleagues in the halls say congratulations!

Excellence as a Teaching Assistant:  Daniel Nolan
Excellence as a Graduate Instructor:  Sarah Diefendorf
Outstanding Performance for the Masters of Arts (2 winners):
John Leverso:   “ ‘Tell Me Who You Hang with and Iʼll Tell You What You Are:’ Gang Identity, Organization, and Desistance”
Katherine Krushinski O’Neill:  "The Adolescent Empathy Paradox and Juvenile Offending: Why sex differences in empathic ability can help explain the gender gap in juvenile offending behavior"
The Herbert L. Costner Distinguished Graduate Student Paper Award:
Xinguang Fan:  “Press Freedom and Media Slant in Global Context”
Otto N. Larsen Dissertation Award (2 winners):
Kerice Doten-Snitker “Collateral Damage:  State Building, Elite Factionalism, and their Effects on Jewish Communities in the Medieval and Early Modern Holy Roman Empire”
Andrea (Ande) Reisman “ Gender, Migration, and Social Change:  Households and New Social and Economic Logics in Nepal”
Faculty Excellence in Teaching:  Sarah Quinn
Excellence in Graduate Training:  Stewart Tolnay

Congratulations Everyone!