Muir and Reisman awarded Fulbright Scholarships

Submitted by Jerald R Herting on

Jonathan Muir and Ande Reisman were both awarded Fulbright's to pursue their dissertation work next year.

Ande's work is in Nepal where she will be be based out of Nepal's Chitwan Valley to interview women before, during, and after their male partner's migration abroad as a labor migrant. The aim is to better understand how the significant number of men migrating impacts household practices and gender equality.    She will be participating in the Chitwan Valley Family Study to target families at different points in the migration cycle and that fit important social patterns, established through data analysis, for participant-observation and interviews.  (Ande's dissertation advisors are Nathalie Williams and Julie Brines.)

Jonathan's work is in Cambodia.  He will be collaborating with faculty and graduate students from the Population Center at the Royal University of Phnom Penh and work within the framework of a Demographic Surveillance System run by Patrick Heuveline at UCLA.  He will be assessing the extent to which trauma from the Khmer Rouge genocide is associated with negative intergenerational health outcomes. Jonathan will look specifically at how parental experiences of PTSD are related to higher prevalence of child stunting and mortality in Cambodia compared to other countries in Southeast Asia.  (Jonathan's dissertation chair is Sam Clark.)

Great research projects!  Congratulations to both Ande and Jonathan!