Trumba Calendar Best Practices

Tagging Events with Research Fields/Website Keywords

Our Sociology website has a lot of automatically generated content.  Our site's keywords or research fields actually will generate pages from content that is 'tagged' with that word.  (See the keywords page, click on one of the categories, and see what happens.) 

It is helpful to 'tag' our trumba calendar events so that they will also automatically generate into these pages.  However, there is no specific tagging mechanism actually built into Trumba.  The work around is:

  • To pick the words for this, see the keywords page
  • Put appropriate keyword(s) in the ‘editor’s note’ field of the Trumba event page, and it will get picked up in the auto-filled content that relates to the keyword(s).
  • Please include at least one of the more general subject areas (e.g., Demography, or Race and Ethnicity) in addition to any other more specific categories.