Space Descriptions

Computer Lab (Savery 411) 

The computer lab is a resource for Sociology faculty, staff, graduate students, and honors students. To use the lab you must have an account with a user ID. To obtain an account you must read and sign the lab use agreement.

Conference Rooms (SAV 409, 245, 250, 251)

You can view the online calendar to see if one of the conference rooms (Savery 409, Savery 245, Savery 250, or Savery 251) is available before you set your meeting. Once you've determined that a room is available, please contact the front desk to reserve the room. You'll need to supply the date and time you'll need the room and also the purpose of your meeting. Faculty meetings and exams have priority use of the rooms. Please see the department's Meeting Room Use Policy for more details.

Common Areas (SAV 247)

The Commons (Savery 247) is a shared privilege, not a benefit. Please clean up after yourself. Mop up water splashed on the counters, wash any dishes you use, and clean out the microwave oven if you heat anything other than water.  Dishes left in the sink more than 24 hours may be tossed out.

Likewise, please clean up your scraps of paper, mistake copy jobs, and any other "garbage" you create in any of the common areas (copy room, computer lab, etc.).  The custodians and staff are not responsible for cleaning up other people's messes.  More information can found in the department's Common Use Policy

Graduate Student Offices 

Office space is scarce and offices are assigned first to students in their first through fourth years, and those funded by the Department as Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants.  Next priority is given to those students with external fellowships, then to students in their 5th or later years or who are funded elsewhere in the UW.   Only if there is office space available after these assignments are made, office space may be allocated to unfunded students in the final stages of their Ph.D. dissertation.

Each spring graduate students are asked for their office preferences for the following year. Requests are accommodated as often as possible, within the guidelines of the criteria above. Assignments are generally made for the full year and are finalized after funding decisions are finalized, typically in late August.

Please note that your personal possessions kept in offices are not insured by the University or the Department.

UW Facilities

Classroom Support Services (CSS)

Classroom Support Services (CSS) provides media support and services to faculty, staff, and students to improve the teaching facilities at the University of Washington. Services available include: classroom instructional AV/TV media equipment, staff assistance in operating classroom instructional media equipment, training for faculty and teaching assistants in the use of instructional equipment, films, and videotapes.

Please contact CSS directly at 3-9900 to discuss their services and make arrangements for use of equipment and media. Information is also available on the Classroom Support Services website.

Custodial Services

The Custodial Services Division is responsible for cleaning the interiors of campus buildings. Routine services (vacuuming, garbage, recyclables) may be obtained by calling the Custodial Services Division at 5-1500. Special services are performed as time and schedules allow and a charge may be assessed: carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning (5-4771), window washing (3-6608), blind cleaning (3-6608). Please alert office staff if you require a special service.

The custodians will only remove boxes if they are broken down. If you have boxes, please break them down and place them near the recycle bins (if fewer than 6) or take them to the dumpster located on the west side of the building.

Maintenence Requests

Maintenance requests can be submitted to Ulrika O'Brien or another member of the Office staff. For emergency requests please call 5-1411 and alert the Office.

More information about UW Facilities can be found on the Facilities Services website.