Sociology in Practice

Sociology students Johnny Luu and Anna Son prepare for a presentation
Former sociology undergraduates Johnny Luu ('07) and Anna Son ('06) prepare for their joint presentation to their US Dept. of Labor colleagues. Johnny enrolled in a Practicum in Applied Sociology at the Dept. of Labor in 2007 and now works for the agency.

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UW Sociology offers three different types of practicum throughout the academic year. Click on the links below for more information.

  • SOC 402 Education Practicum
    Interested in education and working with diverse student populations? This practicum gives undergraduates real-world experience serving in local high schools and provides a good foundation for a future career in education.
  • SOC 403 Applied Research 
    For those interested in conducting sociological research that has a direct impact on the world, this practicum provides a unique opportunity to work with local organizations, schools, businesses, and government agencies by carrying out research that investigates the real issues they face.
  • SOC 404 Community and Civic Internship Program
    This practicum combines the real-world benefits of an internship with the critical reflection provided by a seminar course. Students in this practicum participate in internships at local agencies and organizations, and may either come with their own internship or apply for specialized internships through the Sociology Department (when available). To find out more about how to register for SOC 494, practicum credit hours, and expected student time commitments, visit the page on General Practicum Information.


SOC 404 Internship Opportunities for Winter and Spring 2019


Practicum Benefits for Students

Students who take practicum courses benefit by developing an understanding of what they want to do when they graduate, as well as what they are capable of doing with their degree in sociology. The practicum experience not only prepares students for the career world by helping to develop the major skill-set, it also prepares students for doing research and study in graduate and professional schools.


Students in Practica courses have learned how to:

  • Connect their sociology coursework to the real world
  • Design and execute program studies/assessment
  • Interview study participants
  • Survey study participants
  • Design, coordinate, and conduct focus groups
  • Code data
  • Analyze data
  • Write professional reports based on Practica-designed studies and current research
  • Tutor
  • Teach
  • Incorporate current research into practical strategies
  • Navigate and mediate between different personalities and needs in businesses
  • Solve problems creatively
  • Bridge cultural differences
  • Network in a professional and intellectual community
  • Assess the effectiveness of their own professional ideas and actions
  • Work for social change and justice
  • Impact people in the community in positive ways
  • Expand their resume with skills learned above!


SOC 403: Applied Research

Each SOC 494 practicum is different, but all include a weekly seminar specifically designed to prepare students to do a sociology-related project for an organization in the greater Seattle area. The department carefully selects and builds partnerships with these organizations with the goal of involving our majors on projects that use and develop their major skill-sets. Projects are designed to address real issues facing participating partners and their communities and as a result, practicum project outcomes have a direct impact on the organizations and the communities they serve.


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