Spring 2021: SOC 301 "The Quantified Self" approved for students minoring in Data Science

Submitted by Ari Asercion on

If you're minoring in data science, the spring quarter Special Topics course may be for you. Taught by Zack Almquist, SOC 301 "The Quantified Self" will focus on how apps and other online services are allowing individuals and organizations to track details of their own lives. Real world examples include the large community of people who share results of their tracking on platforms such as Reddit to help them accomplish financial (e.g. saving for a house), fitness (e.g. weight lifting), and health (e.g. weight loss) goals.

What privacy are we giving up to have real-time and location running diaries? What can organizations and governments learn about our daily routine, and should we care? Can tracking our activities truly improve our mental and physical health? The course will explore technology and software that allows for real-time recording of fitness, mood, activity, and anything else that can be quantified and tracked by individuals and corporations. 

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