Erin Carll awarded NSF Dissertation Improvement Award

Submitted by Katherine Stovel on

Ph.D. candidate Erin Carll has been awarded an NSF Dissertation Improvement Award from the National Science Foundation.  Carll's dissertation, "Residential Histories and the Residential Mobility Process for Housing Choice Voucher Users Living with Children," examines the challenges associated with navigating the below market rate housing markets when living with children.  Carll will conduct 40 semi-structured interviews to unpack several features of these families’ residential experience, focusing on factors associated with householders’ ability to “lease up.” She will gain leverage on this process by comparing those who stay in place to those who move within the same public housing authority jurisdiction and those who move across agency boundaries.

Carll is a 2019 recipient of a West Coast Poverty Center Dissertation Fellowship.  Her research has also been supported by the James McCann Graduate Student Research Endowed Fund, administered by the Sociology Department.