Tim Thomas' and Ryan Gabriel's work is featured on KUOW

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Thomas' and Gabriel's work appears on KUOW

Tim's and Ryan's work on neighborhood micro-segregation was discussed in an interview with KUOW and was featured web-piece on KUOW's news blog.  This work is part of their joint effort and a working paper titled "Segregation within Integration".   Some of the work fstemmed from Kyle Crowder's Soc 415 Class "The City and Neighborhood Dynamics" where Tim and Ryan provided some educational/research experiences for the undergraduates in the class by having them go out into various neighborhoods to record these micro-segregation patterns.

For a full story see:   http://kuow.org/post/seattles-diverse-neighborhoods-are-surprisingly-segregated

Tim Thomas also has short interview piece as part of a larger piece on neighborhoods in Seattle featured in KUOW's The Record.  http://kuow.org/post/record-tuesday-march-29-full-show
Excellent work.