Honors Class Participates in the Mary Gates Research Symposium

Submitted by Jerald R Herting on

All 11 of this year's undergraduate honors cohort prepared posters and participated in the annual Mary Gates Research Symposium in May.  It was a great representation of social science research for the symposium.  Below is a list of the participants, their poster title, and the faculty/graduate student mentors who helped with their research.


Zoë Bill: Yes All Women: The Leadership Structure of an Online Social Movement 

Mentors: Emma Spiro and Emilio Zagheni

Olivia Godsil: Exploring the Association between Obesity and the Built Environment

Mentor: Sara Curran

Ferdose Idris: Red States vs. Blue States: Who Does Better for Our Kids?

Mentors: Stew Tolnay, Hedy Lee, and Alexes Harris

Farida Matta: Men’s Losses Come to Be Women’s Gains: An Overview of Female Predominance in Higher Education

Mentor: Julie Brines

Andrew McMartin: Paternal Incarceration and Adolescent Delinquency: Assessing the Moderating Role of Neighborhood Social Capital

Mentor: Kyle Crowder

Mark Noel: Gender and Generation: A Comparative Analysis of Farmers in Washington State

Mentor: Kate Stovel

Katherine Raffa: Social Construction of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Mentors: Hedy Lee and Jerry Herting

James Michael Sharma: Social Characteristics of Populist Radical Right Voters in Greece

Mentor: Steve Pfaff

Regina Shaw: Immigrant Generation and Feeling “In Control”

Mentor: Charles Hirschman

Shannon Wong: The Increasing Effect of Incarceration on Poverty Rates in the U.S.

Mentor: Jake Rosenfeld

Maggie Yuse: The Role of Mental Illness in Police Stops and Arrests

Mentors: Jerry Herting and Tim Thomas