Mailing Services

Mailing Services handles Interoffice Mail, Stamped Mail, Unstamped Mail, USPS Priority mail, UPS Ground, and parcel insurance.

Everyone is responsible for preparing their own mail for shipping. The office staff can provide guidance on how to complete forms.

Interoffice mail:  Please be sure to write the box number on the envelope. A list of box numbers is located in the red binder on the mailing counter.

Stamped mail:  Please use your own envelopes for sending personal mail.  Please do not use a barcode imprinted envelope if you will be adhering a stamp as the department will be billed in addition to the postage you are paying.  A return address stamp is available on the mailing counter.

Unstamped mail:  Unstamped mail requires the use of a barcode imprinted envelope or you will need to affix a bar code label to the envelope. Bar code labels are available on the mailing counter.  If you are using a barcode imprinted envelope, please print your name under the return address.  Airmail envelopes require a barcode sticker.

Mailing Services Schedule

Mailing Services picks and delivers mail once daily, around 9:00 am.  Mail services picks up and drops off mail in a locked room on the first floor of Savery.  The Admin staff will take Outgoing mail down to the mail room at 4 pm each afternoon and again at 8:30 am.  Incoming mail will be picked up at approximately 10 am and distributed into the mailboxes, generally by our work study students. 

Should you have a piece of campus or regular mail that must go out that day - an alternate pick up is available.  Mail services picks up campus mail and regular mail around 3:45 pm from the brown collection boxes which can be found at various locations around campus. The two closest to Savery are located on Memorial in front of Denny and between the Art building and Mackenzie.  Please let a staff member know if you have an piece of mail that must go out that day, if you don't have time to take it to the brown collection box.  Unless you alert us, the mail will go out according to the schedule above.

USPS mailboxes are also located nearby should you miss the outgoing mail pickup.

Bar codes are provided for Department and business mail.  Please place your own stamps on Personal mail.

You can check all postage rates on the UPS website:

Express Mail and Priority Services

FEDEx and UPS should be used ONLY when there is no other option for sending your package and after checking with the office for charging to the Department budget. All priority services require a telephone number for the delivery location.  Packages without a phone number will not be picked up by the carriers.

The Department will pay for express mailing in limited situations (e.g., for submitting a grant).

The University has a contract with UPS for special rates, and we have a regular pick up at 4:00 pm each day.  UPS will not accept payment by check or credit card for personal packages.

You can arrange for a FedEx pick up if you prefer. You will need to contact FedEx directly to schedule a pick up (the phone number is on the shipping label).  The University does not have a regular pick up schedule with FedEx.