Grant Preparation and Research Cost Recovery

1. Reduced Teaching Load for Preparing Grant Proposals

The Department Chair, with the consultation of the Executive Committee, may grant (in any year) a one course reduction in teaching responsibility for individual faculty in order to provide free time for the development of a research proposal.

The course reduction may be granted under the following conditions:

  1. At least six quarters of RA support for sociology graduate students are requested in the proposal budget
  2. the likelihood of funding (as judged by the Chair and Executive Committee) is high
  3. the faculty member's teaching load would not be reduced to less than 50% of his/her FTE by this action.

Given the high student demand for Department courses, the Chair may grant a total of only two requests per year.

In support of such a request, the faculty member should provide a summary of the proposal to be developed, describing:

  1. the basic research problem to be addressed
  2. the general strategy of the research (including the basic research design)
  3. the number and roles of the RA's
  4. the potential funding source
  5. the approximate direct costs in the budget
  6. the rough dates of the grant period, if funded.


2. Course Buyouts

Course buyouts on grants are typically 25% of the academic year salary.