Graduate Programs

Graduate training is a central activity in the Department of Sociology at the University of Washington.  Our graduate program has a long and distinguished tradition of producing leading scholars and teachers who have made important contributions to the discipline of sociology and to our collective understanding of social processes.  There are three emphases in the graduate training program in Sociology at the University of Washington:

  • Understanding and critically evaluating social theory and empirical research
  • Conducting theoretically guided research that explores, assesses, and further develops explanatory theories
  • Developing communication skills (with emphasis on scholarly writing and teaching) that will be useful in transmitting sociological knowledge.

Together, graduate students and faculty at the University of Washington form a vibrant and collaborative scholarly community.  We interact regularly in courses, colloquia, departmental seminars, and in joint research projects.  Our graduate students are actively involved in all aspects of academic life:  teaching, conducting research, presenting their findings at national conferences and publishing in some of the field's leading journals.  They also write fascinating dissertations.  We pride ourselves on placing our students in tenure-track jobs at well-respected peer institutions; you can learn more about our current students on the job market.

Diversity Statement

The Sociology Department has a long-standing commitment to having a diverse student population. Our efforts toward this goal are aided by the Hubert M. Blalock Endowment, which provides financial support during the first year of study to a graduate student from an underrepresented group.  Further, we endorse the University's statements on diversity and work with the Graduate School's Graduate Opportunities and Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP) to enhance the climate of diversity in our graduate program.  Click here to find additional diversity resources and the full Sociology department statement regarding diversity.

Graduate Program Governance

The Graduate Program is currently coordinated by Kyle Crowder.  The Graduate Program Coordinator provides ongoing guidance and support to all our students, and serves as Chair of the Department's Graduate Program Committee.  The Graduate Program Committee reviews students as they progress through the program and advises the department on graduate program policy.  It is a long-standing tradition to include a graduate student on the Graduate Program Committee.  Administrative support is provided by the Graduate Program Advisor.