General Tips and Instructions

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Departmental Editors:

The current people with editing permissions include the Chair, Liz Collier, Ulrika O'Brien, and Fatema Mookhtiar.  Most general editing goes through Liz Collier at this time.  Major content changes, suggestions, postings, will be discussed with the Chair prior to implementation.

When Will Edits Become Visible On The Site?

While you are in editing mode on the Sociology site, you will be able to immediately see the edits you make after saving a page.  However, it actually takes up to a few hours before the editing changes become visible acros all servers.

When you log out of editing mode, the page will revert to what it originally looked like, before you started to edit.  Likely the new edits won't show visibly until the servers have updated.

It is very helpful to let the person who requested the edit know the time that you finished the edit, and that it can take some time for the servers on the Arts & Sciences side to update.  Also remind them they may need to refresh their page as well as their computer may have old content still saved in its cookies.