Front Page Slide Show Stories

Only departmental website editors are able to implement these stories.  If you have a story you would like to have submitted, contact Liz Collier with content and pictures.

Building a Slide Show Story:

  • Log in to edit.  Click on "Add Content" on the editing menu that runs across the top of the site.
  • Create a new "News" story.  Add all your content as you would like to see it.  Put your slide show picture at the top. Note the web address.
  • Click on "Manage Image Slides" in the editing menu that runs across the top of the site.
  • Make your slide show story.  In the area where you can put in a link to the news story, provide the link from the story just written.
  • Use appropriate language for the link, such as "For More Details...", or "See Presenters And Project Information Click Here".
  • See how it all looks in the slide show to see if you need to adjust any titles or other items.  Check that the link to the news story actually works also.
  • If you need help, contact Liz Collier.

Ordering of Slides

We have the ability to affect the start of the slide show when the home page is loaded, as follows:

  • The "Sticky" feature lets us set which slide will show up when someone first views the home page of our site.
  • This also means that now we can re-use older stories (e.g., the annual graduation story we use), and have it show up every time at the beginning, and without having to write a whole brand new story.
  • If the "Sticky" feature is not set, then the slides load randomly, and it may be any of the slides that will showup as the first picture seen when someone goes to our web site home page.
  • If two slides are set to "Sticky" then those two slides would show up first overall, but the order of those two slides would be random within the first two slots.
  • To use the feature:
    • Please coordinate with the other departmenatl web site editors to make sure they are okay with the new order.  There are some obvious choices, such as when we are advertising Graduation Coming Up, this really does want to be 'Stickied' to the front end of the slide show.  But otherwise it is probably best to coordinate with the other editors.
    • Go to the edit screen for an image slide (either edit an existing slide or create a new one).
    • At the bottom of the page there is a tab labeled "Publishing options".
    • After clicking on that tab you'll see a checkbox for "Sticky at top of list".
    • Check that box and save the slide to make it sticky (so it shows up first).
    • To make a slide Unsticky, follow the same instructions, but uncheck the "Sticky at top of list" checkbox instead of checking it. Making the slide unsticky will put it back into normal randomized rotation.
    • Please note that due to server-side caching you may not see your change on the homepage for up to one hour.