Faculty Outside Activities/Consulting/Conflict Of Interest

AHR Policy Statement

Other Issues to Consider:

1.  Faculty must request prior approval to engage in outside activities for compensation.

2.  The policy permits 13 days/quarter of outside work for compensation.  The quarter includes breaks, weekends, evenings, etc., basically any time you are on UW payroll.

3.  During summer 9-month faculty may not need to request prior approval for outside activities.  Criteria for determining whether approval is required include:

(a) whether you receive any summer salary via UW payroll, and

(b) whether there is any conflict or transfer of technology issues.

If you receive any summer salary via UW payroll, you will need to seek approval for outside activities and an amended time allowance will be calculated.

4.  Honorarium payments may be received and are not subject to the prior approval requirement in most cases.

5.  All activities, including guest lectures, should be reported annually on your FAR in the spring and on the Annual Activities Report requested by AHR each fall.