Editing Profiles

How To Edit Your Personal Profile:

  • Find your profile, here are some quick links to the specific sections in the web site.  When you find your name, click on your listing, and it will take you to your actual profile page.  You should be on your actual profile page to start editing (without any other people's listings showing).
  • Click on the "Log In" link in the top right of the website.  Log in using your UW Net ID and Password.
  • Your view will change, and give you a bunch of editing tabs across the top area above your profile information.  Relevant editing tabs include: "Edit", and "Add Research".
  • Click on the tab you want, e.g. "Edit".  A new page will come up to allow you to edit your profile.
    • When you are done, scroll all the way to the bottom and be sure to click on "Save" or your changes will be lost!
  • Job Title/Position is not available to directly edit.  Email iz Collier with your request for that field(s).
  • Email format for the UW Emails is "netid@uw.edu", the shorter version.
  • Fields of Interest: Click on those you want listed.  If our list does not include something you want listed, at the bottom of that section is a field where you can add individualized word / phrase choices.
  • Important Notes Re Photo and Media:
    • If you have not sent in a Photo Release Form, the department must have this on file.  Go here to get the form. 
    • You are welcome up upload or change your photo, so long as the department has your release, or it is on it's way to Liz Collier immediately.
  • When you are done, scroll all the way to the bottom and be sure to click on "Save" or your changes will be lost!

Departmental Editors, Directory Key Information:

What to do with Profiles when someone graduates or leaves the UW:

  • Do not ever delete a profile.  When profiles get deleted this breaks various links on the web site where the person has been linked to (research papers, dissertations, etc.)
  • Consult with Liz Collier as to what to do instead (ask her to do the work), or:
  • Instead: 
    Edit the profile by unchecking the box "list in directory", and Save.  This will remove the profile form the active public directory.  It will not make the profile completely invisible (people can still find it by using the search function), so you also need to:
  • Edit the profile changing the title of the person to something appropriate.  E.g., Graduated Spring 2017 with Ph.D., or something of the sort.  A set of standard phrases to use is being worked on now - ask Liz Collier.